jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Everything is Just Fine

Author: Korax (akukorax@sbcglobal.net)

Pairing: J/W

Rating: NC-17 (OMG I wrote smut!)

Summary: Making up after a large-scale fight. Make up sex is always fun!

Warnings: Er. . . slight OOCness. But then you always get that.

Written for the Jack/Will Ficathon. Requested by Jackson Rayne. Challenge: Making up after a fight, established relationship.

Disclaimer: Not mine, will never be mine. Just written for fun and my own pleasure, as well as to prove that yes, I can string more then two words together properly.

Thanks to Veronica Rich and Ranken for support and beta work. And to Vileseagulls for yelling at me to write all the time, and for checking my grammar when needed.


“Get out!”

Fine!” The door slammed hard enough to make the wall around it vibrate indignantly. Will breathed hard, watching the red sparks dance in front of his eyes. He felt the blood soaring though his whole body, his fist shook and clenched, and he ground his teeth in frustration. All he wanted was go to bed, calm himself, and pray for the next morning to come as quickly as possible so he wouldn’t have to deal with this absurdly difficult man. He raised his eyes to storm to the bed and found himself staring . . .

At a wall.

With a shock he suddenly realized that he was on the wrong side of the door. As if to accent the thought, he heard the hard thunk of the bolt being slammed into place and angry footsteps clunking away.

Will groaned inwardly and leaned up against the door he’d just slammed. This wasn’t how the evening was supposed to go.

Although, he thought morosely as he leaned against the door, calming a bit, he wasn’t really sure how it was supposed to go in the first place. It wasn’t as if it had been anything important to him before, and he wasn’t sure why it was now. Maybe it was just new developments between them, or jealousy, or something. His shoulders shook with silent laughter as he let himself slide down the door; how was it supposed to go? He hadn’t planned or anything, mostly hoped that-

That maybe Jack of all people would’ve figured it out by now.

He sighed as another patron of the Skulking Ferret made his way down the hallway to what might be his room. Will folded himself against the door warily as the lush stumbled past, giving Will a drunken appraisal. Finding no excuse for another argument, he finally settled on a slightly off-center leer and made his way past, slightly tripping over his own feet in the process. Will let out a breath of relief and relaxed his legs back out into the hallway.

The Skulking Ferret was one of the port’s finer establishments, though that by no means made it high-class or even, really, decent. According to Jack, a fine establishment in most towns meant the beds were warm, the drinks were reasonable, the doors usually worked, and the food wasn’t always intentionally poisoned. “You can’t be picky, really, when it comes to inns in port, a pirate takes what he can find,” Jack had told him during their first stay in Tortuga when Will’d been headstrong and naïve enough to frown disapprovingly at just about everything. “It’s always good to find a place that does care whether or not you make it through the night. Business can be hard if your customers drop like flies on a flatulent pig all the time.” He’d given a significant look to Mr. Gibbs at that comment and Will had found himself wearing a large grin whether he wanted to or not.

Thinking of a good time with Jack gave him a surprising little jolt of pain.

The argu- who was he kidding? The row with Jack had started . . . well, when had the bloody thing started? It seemed it had been going since morning. Will thought back over the events of the day, but he couldn’t pinpoint a specific time that the fighting had actually started between them. It seemed they had been stepping on each other’s toes the whole morning, and just generally irritating each other for the rest of the day.

He’d been short with Jack from almost the moment he’d awakened, anxious and high-strung. Jack was normally good-natured with even the most foul of Will’s moods, seeing as anything Anamaria sent her captain’s way tended to be a lot more potent, but a nasty hangover can kill any ideas of patience and good humor. It had been a shock to the crew, whom were accustomed to their Captain generally getting on the nerves of the world – it being one of his charms, to tell the truth – but to see Jack and him snapping at each other like rabid dogs was something yet unheard of. They’d had disagreements and exasperations with the other plenty of times, but the animosity between them today had even Ana raising her eyebrows in question, especially with what they’d been up to . . .

Will felt his face grow hot when he thought of exactly what they had been up to. He had approached Jack unsteadily about four months ago, backed by rashness and a bottle and a half of dark liquid courage. They’d had a . . . rather agreeable working arrangement since. They had sex, lots of sex, very large amounts of sex, often. And who could blame him? For whatever grievances that the whores throughout the Caribbean had against him, Jack was a rumored god in bed, and Will happened to be male and breathing and had learned not to pass up good sex when it came his way. The relationship hadn’t gotten very far past the sex yet, which was something a of timid acceptance on both their parts after Will’s previous longstanding and eventually disastrous relationship, but he’d been sleeping nightly in the Captain’s cabin, so he figured that was as good a step as any so far. Neither of them were sure whether to take the next step in to actually acknowledging that they might-

He smiled mirthlessly to himself. There probably really was nothing between them. Just really great sex. Will stared darkly at his knees. That had been why he was upset all day; he wanted something more, something he thought Jack just might give him, something that would make him feel complete again after Elizabeth. Will wanted, but had seen that he could not and would not have it, and it hurt, so he’d hurt Jack. The captain probably didn’t even understand why Will had been upset. Almost as soon as they reached port Jack had stormed off to the taverns. Will stayed back to take first watch. He had calmed and made up his mind to apologize when . . . well, he had completely lost his temper.


Will walked briskly though the streets of the port town in search of Jack. He felt guilty about his behavior this morning. He entertained a brief fantasy of exactly how he was going to apologize as he strolled toward the inn where John had told him Jack was.

He stared, bemused, at the crudely-drawn sign above the door of what must have been a ferret creeping along. He took a quick look around the door, and after ducking under a few gentlemen attempting to hurl another more drunken gentleman out the door, he was inside.

It was mostly like every other inn, patrons sitting around eating their meals, ladies of negotiable affection making rounds, men who’d had too many rounds generally attempting to beat the shit out of anything that moved, and people in the back doing what could safely be named illegal dealings. He cast around for Jack and didn’t see him. Curiously, he walked back out and checked the sign again; he was pretty sure this was the inn that John Ironfist mentioned. He walked back in, and after another quick glance around, entertained the idea of going back to the ship to wait for Jack, since he was in the habit of sleeping on board when in port. He turned to the door again.

“Captain Sparrow! Ye ough’ t’ be ashamed of yeself!” A female voice shouted out, loud enough to carry over the din on the floor. Will heard this accompanied by a high-pitched giggle to his right. He looked around and peered into the recesses of the inn. Finally he saw him, though it could be excused why Will hadn’t noticed before: Captain Jack Sparrow was sitting at a rather large booth surrounded almost completely by women of all colors and sizes. At the moment he was leaning heavily on a large-busted young woman who was giggling and laughing with her friends as Jack bestowed many kisses up and down her neck.

Will had learned fast in the first month that when Jack was into his cups he became very free with his affections. It really didn’t matter who – if he was drunk enough, he just felt the bizarre need to get into the pants of anyone sitting next to him. This usually worked against him since while he could hold his liquor well, by the time he reached this stage he passed out too quickly for anything interesting to happen. Will learned this the hard way. He quickly cast a look to the table of ladies and slowly made his way over, watching to see what the reaction would be.

“Hey, son, looking for a lovely lady to warm your bed tonight?” Will stopped in his tracks as one of the ladies disengaged herself from the table and approached him. He took a fast step back. It seemed that no matter how long he was going to spend with pirates and other lesser persons of society, around ladies of any class he always reverted back to the upstanding and polite boy his mother had lovingly molded before she died. Jack’s eyes were unreadable as he peered up from his casual lean onto the girl next to him, and it seemed the whole table was now waiting for his answer.

Will shook his head slowly, gazing at Jack. “No thank you, miss.” That got him a series of coos and giggles from the table. Jack’s face remained passive but was now petting the hair of the girl on his opposite side, still gazing at Will.

“Well now, seems we’ve got ourselves a good boy to play with.” She was approaching Will again, this time more slowly. “Such a good boy out so late, shouldn’t you run home to your mother now, sweet boy, or do you need some convincing?” She came up so close to him that he was forced to look away from Jack to gaze down at her.

“Miss, real-” he tried to step back again, but she caught him around the neck with her arms and pressed herself against him.

“I can make it worth your while, sweet boy, just let me.” She leaned up close, and Will felt the world around him slow down as she tried to steal a kiss. He looked up to Jack quickly for help only to find the pirate now leaning on the table, eyes smoldering over the tankard of rum he was raising to hide his smirk. With a twist of his gut he realized that this was planned, that Jack was behind this, he had to be. He probably paid the whore in advance to try this on him, just because he could. How many of the girls around him had he paid for for himself, or for just the company? What was he trying to say? That he didn’t need Will, that he didn’t want him, that Jack thought Will so low that he would sleep with just anyone now that he was no longer in love with Elizabeth?

Will felt his insides grow cold with fury. The girl was very close now, her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. “Get off me.” He barely even recognized his voice as it sounded emotionless and sharp. The whore blinked her eyes open and looked confused. Will took her by the shoulders and shoved her roughly to the floor. She crashed into a man behind her, crying out in pain and confusion. The din around them escalated with the men demanding what had happened and the whore’s protests from the floor cursing Will until a loud bang silenced everyone.

Jack stood with one arm raised in the air holding a pistol, and the other arm holding another pistol aiming straight at Will himself. He stared unblinkingly at Will but when he spoke he addressed the whore on the floor. “Sarah, you all right?” She was looking affronted but she nodded and stood with the help of one of the other girls at Jack’s table. Jack nodded and lowered the fired pistol to his side and re-aimed the other, pointing it directing at Will’s head. Will felt his blood run cold as he stared down the barrel of Jack’s pistol for the second time in his life. Perhaps he’d finally gone too far by Jack.

“You,” Jack pronounced slowly, the word echoing off the silence in the bar. Everyone was staring at them, waiting for the next move. Jack stared at Will and Will stared at the gun and neither seemed to feel the need to move. Finally, Jack flicked the pistol off to Will’s right and slowly said, “Up there, now.”

Will turned to see a stairway leading up onto a landing probably leading to the inn’s rooms. He turned back to Jack, who still hadn’t moved. “I said now, Turner.” Will felt cold; each syllable was pronounced exactly, with none of Jack’s usual charm and flamboyancy. It was something that sent numbness through his body. The only time Will had ever seen Jack look like this was right after he shot Barbossa through the heart; that black stare and expressionless face had frightened Will witless at the time. He moved backwards to the stairs and Jack moved around the table to follow. The other patrons of the inn dared not move or breathe, but watched them slowly make their way to the stairwell.

Will paused at the stairs, unwilling to turn his back to Jack, but the captain simply flicked his pistol in an up motion and Will had no choice but to obey. When they reached the top of the stairs Jack lowered the pistol quickly, and grabbing Will by his vest he bodily threw him into the nearest darkened room and bolted the door. Will landed in an ungraceful heap on the floor, and when he tried to right himself and stand up, he felt a boot come down hard on the middle of his back, knocking him to the floor again. He felt Jack lean down into a kneeling position, careful to keep the exact pressure on his back, but making it easier to lean down close to Will’s head.

“Well, it seems we’ve found ourselves in a predicament, haven’t we lad,” he said evenly in Will’s ear. Will shivered, he wished he could move, but he wished more that he wasn’t even here to begin with. Jack was a dangerous man even when he was being friendly. If he had truly crossed Jack, there was no hope for him. But even with these thoughts in mind, chasing fear and terror into a swirling mass, he felt the heat and anger rise in him and banish all reason.

“So it seems we have, Captain,” he answered. Jack’s breath hitched in surprise. For all Jack’s whining and insisting on the proper title, Will had always been on a first-name basis with him. The foot pressed harder into the small of his back before it was removed completely. Will risked a glance behind him. Jack was standing, face shadowed by the half-light of the street lamps below. He was staring at Will as if he had never seen him before.

“It seems you’ve learned better then I’d have possibly thought,” he muttered to himself, still staring, “though I can’t say I’m pleased with the final result.”

Will jumped to his feet, using his height advantage over the pirate. Jack barely made any indication that he had moved at all, just raised his eyes to continue looking into Will’s face. “What do you mean ‘learned better’?”

“Learned to become a pirate, to let go of yourself and live. Didn’t know you had it in you Turner. I’m impressed — disappointed, but impressed.” Jack kept his face and voice calm, but Will could see he was tense and there was a gleam in his eye that Will didn’t trust or particularly like.

Will was confused, but unwilling to lose ground so early. “What are you talking about?”

“What you’ve become, boy.”


Jack strode forward, throwing the shadows on his face into a more distorted angle, making it slightly manic. Will forced himself not to flinch. “Throwing a lady to the ground, Turner? My, my, what have we become, lad?”

Will felt his insides burn. Jack was mocking him. After what he’d done, after the show he’d put on in front of everyone, he had the nerve to mock him here and now. He let the anger take over, ignoring the little voice that tried to remind him that he had no actual proof of anything. “You really blame me?” he forced out.

“Blame you? Of course I blame you! Reputation of either party aside, I thought you knew enough to treat any woman with respect!”

“Respect? After you paid her to humiliate me?” Will yelled. Jack actually looked surprised, though at his outburst or words he couldn’t tell.

“What proof have you that I paid her anything?” Jack narrowed his eyes.

“Come off it, I saw you! Was it amusing to watch her hang on to me, to watch her humiliate me in front of the whole inn? Were you satisfied?” Will felt warning bells firing in his head but he ignored them. “You actually think you’re better after what you did? You have the nerve to think me worse?”

They stared each other down, gun shots and yells where going off in the street, but neither of the men heard or cared.

“And if I did pay her to sleep with you, does that still justify your horrid mistreatment of her?” Jack eventually stated.

Will opened his mouth but nothing came out. He glared instead. “All day-”

“All day what, Will Turner? You’ve been a pistol ready to fire since I came topside, snappish and waspish. You’re lucky I didn’t throw you into the sea for headache you caused me today!”

“You’d have thrown me off the Pearl for so little?” Will couldn’t believe himself, he couldn’t even believe this situation; grown men, both of them, fighting like young boys.

“I’ve had men tossed overboard for less, and don’t you forget that!” Jack pointed an accusing finger at Will, “I’m not sure what I might have done to cross you, but a Captain deserves respect from his crew and I’ll not have you undermining me for any reason, boy.”

“Well if you hadn’t-”

“Hadn’t what?”

Will stopped himself and just stood there. He thought, for a moment, that in the half-light he saw the barest hint of a smirk on the pirate’s face. “Why did you pay that whore to do that to me?”

Jack said nothing but chose instead to walk to the bed and sit. He looked up at Will, leaning back on his hands. The darkness in the room still didn’t allow him to see the pirate’s face clearly, but Will was certain it still held an amused smirk.

“Do I mean so little to you, then, Captain?”

The smirk, if it had even been there, disappeared. Jack look shocked, but more then a little confused. Will went on, “Do I mean so little to you that you would rather me sleep with some whore that you’ve paid for than for me to grace your bed? Do you think so little of me that you thought I would be all right with such an arrangement? Am I so shallow to you?”

Jack’s face held no _expression; he just stared at Will unseeingly, as if he wasn’t even there. “Since this morning, I’m not sure what to think of you, Turner.”

Will felt something inside tear itself to shreds. Something that by every right should not have been there, should not have ever been there, but it was in pieces on the bottom of his gut now. Silence stretched through the room, the nightlife outside having quieted down.

“Fine then, I’ll go.”

Jack looked quickly up into his face. “What?”

“I’ll go. You obviously don’t want me anymore. I suppose I am no longer amusing to you, so I’ll leave.”


“Play with your whores, find some other boy to seduce-”

“Now see-”

“-and play with, I don’t care. I have no idea why I even searched you out in the first place. You obviously don’t care. I’ll get my things from the Pearl and I’ll no longer be your business-”


“-after all I did. And as you said, I’m such a disappointment.”

“William Turner!”

Will stopped and looked at Jack squarely. “Use me and then humiliate me. You’re just the same as Elizabeth,” he breathed. Jack’s eyes blazed with anger and Will, even through the haze of hurt and anger, felt a distinct fear for his life.

Jack stood and glared. “Then go.” Will closed his eyes and looked away. Jack took a step forward and pointed at the door, “Well, who is stopping you? You don’t want to be here, so leave.”

Will clenched his fists and ground his teeth. “How could I have ever-”

Jack cut him off quickly, “Get out!”

Will screamed in pain inside, but screamed in anger on the outside. “Fine!”


‘So here I am.’ Will thought as he stared fixedly at the door opposite him. He was sure an hour had passed by now, the normal busy hustle of people downstairs had quieted and several people had passed by on their way to bed. Will knew he should move, if at least out of the hallway, but there was nowhere to move. He was sure his presence aboard the Pearl would not be very much appreciated come morning, and finding a room at this time was going to be nearly impossible since he had little money. With a sickening jolt, he realized that for the second time in his life, he was completely alone and homeless. Except this time it felt worse then when his mother had died – at least then he had somewhere to go look for a home, but now he nowhere else to turn.

He groaned and thunked his head on the door behind him, closing his eyes. ‘I’ve made a right mess of things this time.’

He didn’t hear the sound of footfalls behind the door, so it came as a complete surprise when suddenly the door he was leaning heavily on was no longer there. He fell backwards with an embarrassing squawk, smacking his head hard against the wood floor. He peered up, momentarily dazed because of the pain, at two coal-dark eyes staring down at him in the dim light of the oil lamps.

“Didn’t you storm off in righteous anger about a hour ago?” Jack asked, an amused tone betraying his glare.

Will blinked up at the Captain, too shocked to really think straight. “Didn’t make it past the hallway,” he murmured.

Will barely had time to react as Jack grabbed his collar and dragged him back into the room. The door slammed behind them and once again Will was in half darkness with Jack. He sat up, but the hand still clutching his collar swung him roughly against the closed door. He grunted in pain as his back impacted the hard wood.

“Ja- mrmph!?” Hard lips crushed themselves against his in a savage kiss, and equally savage hands ground his shoulders into the wood. Even with the pain he found himself moaning into the kiss, returning it with as much force and desperation as was being given him. Jack pulled away and gasped, then groaning, he moved his lips lower and started to suckle Will’s neck, nipping and biting and licking every inch he could.

Will let his head fall to the side, still moaning at the assault upon his neck. This was certainly unexpected … unexpected, but not unwanted. He cried out sharply as Jack bit down hard enough to draw blood and then licked the wound. He felt Jack shudder at the sound and the hands on his shoulders moved down to the tie of his shirt and start to fumble with the strings as lips returned to Will’s.

Again they had to break, but this time it was for a much-needed gasp of air. Jack’s hands were still fumbling with the ties on Will’s shirt and there was a faint growling from the back of his throat. Will grinned and grabbed the fumbling hands, earning him a sharp glare from Jack. “I’ll do this, I’m not losing another good shirt to your impatience,” he said. Jack’s glare turned into a devilish smirk and the pirate captain sat back on his heels to watch Will undress.

Will quickly shed his vest, tossing it off to the side carelessly, which was followed by his shirt. All the time he never took his eyes off Jack, watching as the fire in the older man’s eyes grew and became something wild. This was a different Jack than Will was accustomed to, as Jack always had an air of playfulness about him, even during Will’s first time when they had both been rather desperate and needy. This new intensely passionate Jack was definitely something that Will had not yet experienced, but somehow it was all the more arousing.

Having divested himself of shoes and stockings, clad still in tightening breeches, Will finally lifted his eyes to Jack. Jack’s eyes were sweeping over him quickly, trying to take everything in at once. Will moaned and reached up to grab onto Jack’s shoulder and pull him back. Jack came without resistance, hands running over Will’s chest gently to rub circles around Will’s taut nipples. Will hissed and started to pant. His growing erection was becoming almost painful, and as it wasn’t getting the attention it craved, was becoming more demanding as Jack moved to continue his assault on Will’s neck, now covering more territory with tongue.

But Jack seemed disinclined to do anything else, he just rubbed and played games with Will’s chest while he laid kisses all over the face and neck. This had to be some kind of special torture, it had to be, frustrating because while it felt so good it never gave him enough to find release. He pulled on Jack’s clothes, unsure of whether he or not to just pull them off or drag him in closer. Jack stopped torturing the now pebble-like nubs and instead pulled Will’s hands from his clothes to press them against the middle of his chest as he swooped up to claim another kiss, which Will was happy to receive.

One of Jack’s hands left their hold on Will’s wrists and trailed their way down his chest to the waist of his breeches. Will groaned into the kiss again and his hips thrust with the sensation. Will felt Jack’s lips turn up into a smile and then, bypassing all other necessities and such, shoved his hand past the waist and took hold of Will’s length. He threw his head back with a gasp, breaking the kiss, and thrust his hips again. It felt too good, always too good, like Jack always knew exactly where to press and what to stroke to give Will the most pleasure imaginable. A groan turned to a wail as Jack’s mouth now occupied itself with the abandoned nipples.

Jack stroked Will fast and tight, making Will’s mind go blank, only focusing on the sensations that were shooting all over his body. He grabbed onto Jack’s head, twining his fingers in the coarse dark hair, and anchored him to his chest as he began to thrust into the pumping hand, unconcerned about anything but finding gratification.

His climax caught him by surprise, and he screamed out in pleasure and pain as Jack bit down on the nipple he’d been sucking. It felt like ages, wave upon wave of sensation firing through him, he felt like it wouldn’t end. When it finally did his ears were ringing with his own screams, his throat felt raw and he was sure the whole inn had heard him. He looked into Jack’s face, the man now staring up at him in bewilderment, but with a trace of something else, something dangerous that Will couldn’t recognize.

With a jolt he realized that he’d been the only one to come; Jack hadn’t allowed him to touch back, rushing things so that Will would come quick and hard. Will narrowed his eyes, still looking into the pirate’s face and moved his leg a fraction of an inch so that it collided with something hard, hot, and heavy. ‘You blundering idiot,’ he scolded himself, ‘Well, time to fix that.’

Will made to reach for Jack, but the pirate evaded him, backing away quickly, still not taking his eyes off the younger man. Will made a whimper of protest but Jack just backed further away and stood. Will looked up at Jack in confusion, the whole thing becoming more surreal by the moment.

“Jack, what?” he asked trying to make out Jack’s face clearly in the light, but Jack was facing away from the lights of the streets and all Will could really see was the silhouette of him staring down at him.

“You were going to leave.” The words were whispered so softly that Will was half sure they were his imagination at first. He blinked in surprise. “You were going to leave and you didn’t,” spoken louder this time, “You didn’t leave.” Will was confused. These were words he expected to hear eventually, but there was no accusation behind them, they were spoken as a simple fact and nothing more. Will was speechless, and felt very much like this was spiraling quickly away from any other encounter with Jack.

He tried to think of anything to say, to try to take control of the conversation. He stood slowly, keeping his eyes on the pirate. “Jack I-”

“You can’t leave now.”

Well, forget control then. “Huh?” he asked stupidly.

“You can’t leave!” Jack ground out with more force, taking a step forward. Will felt the fear from earlier rushing back, even though he still could not see Jack’s face.

Jack took a step forward, slow and measured, the wooden floor creaking under him. Will felt himself press his bare back into the door. He mentally berated himself, ‘More than eleven solid years of sword training and what do you do, you shrink like a little girl. What kind of man are you, Will Turner?’ Jack took another measured step and Will felt around behind him for the door’s latch, uncaring that he was barely dressed and in no fit state to be running through the streets at night. All he knew was that he was very unarmed and very vulnerable, which was a very, very bad thing. Jack seemed to have moved the across the space between them in an instant, because suddenly he was up against Will again, holding his fumbling wrist in a tight clutch, his other hand holding a fistful of Will’s hair. Will winced at the pain lancing the whole left side of his head but made no other movement as he stared into Jack’s face, finally seeing the whole of it clearly. There was an almost manic look
to the whole thing: wide eyes, lips drawn tight together, large huffs of air coming from his nose. Jack looked like a man barely holding himself together.

“You can’t leave again. Never. I’ll never allow it again. I let you go this time, I sent you away, I gave you your one chance, and you stayed. Now you can’t ever leave again!” He sounded like a raving man; he was making little sense to Will. “Do you understand, Will, never!”

“Jack!” The hand gripping his hair tightened and Will was sure that his hair was being pulled out by the roots.


“Jack, you’re hurting me.” It was a cheap ploy, Will reflected, as he could have just used his strength and punched the pirate in the face, then run for it. But something made him hold back and let Jack do this. It was inexplicable, but he seemed unable to do anything but stand there while Jack went mad in front of him.

The words seemed to snap Jack back to his senses and he blinked a couple of times before he focused on Will’s face again, both hands relaxing their hold on Will, but not releasing him. Neither said anything for a long time. Finally the hand in Will’s hair fully let go and turned to press its palm against the door. Will stood, still confused, as Jack leaned in close and rested his head on Will’s shoulder, breathing in deeply.

“Jack what is-”

“Shhhh,” sounded like a soft hiss of a snake against his skin, and Will shivered.


“Quiet, Will.”

Will made no more argument. The night was becoming more surreal by the minute. Argument leading to leaving, then to staying, then sex, then madness, and now an odd sort of calm. Even the whole fiasco with Barbossa hadn’t thrown Will as much as Jack was tonight. He shook with silent laughter at the irony of it all. Jack lifted his head and peered at Will.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing, nothing.”


“Just thinking about Barbossa.” He still was silently giggling, he couldn’t seem to help himself.

Jack took a half step back, just enough so they were still touching, but now Jack could look at him properly. “Lad, I fail to see how Barbossa of all things fits into any aspect of what just happened, nor do I see how it would be funny if he did. Unless, that is, there is something that you haven’t told me of your brief stay with him aboard the Pearl, which is unlikely. I suggest you explain yourself.” Will smiled inwardly; thank the Lord, finally the Jack he was used to was back.

“I was just reflecting that even after all I’ve been through, you’re still the oddest thing to ever happen to me,” he said, grinning. Jack grinned in return and released his hold on Will’s wrist, then moved his arms to lightly circle Will’s waist instead.

“I was being serious, Will. You can’t leave again.”

“You can’t really stop me if I choose to, Jack.”

“The hell I couldn’t!”


“Will, I spent ten years tracking down that bastard Barbossa in order to get back Pearl, you think tracking you down is going to present a problem?” Jack spoke into his neck, the breath gusting against Will’s sensitive skin.

Will gazed at the pirate who was now smirking at him in a decidedly superior way. He sniffed, “Track me down yes, but you’d never be able to catch me.”

“Oh, I’m sure with some effort I could.”

“I’d best you if it came to a fight!” Will toned teasingly.

“Aye, in a fair fight you’d best me,” Jack said sagely, “but then again, I’m a pirate, Will, and who said I’d be fighting fair.”

“You’d take me against my will then, Jack?”

“Lad, I’d throw you in the brig if I though it best; at least there you can’t do any rash actions and you’d stay put for once.” Jack was staring at Will very hard; he seemed to be trying to memorize everything about him. “And let’s get one thing straight: Whatever Elizabeth did to you was probably very wrong, but it’s hardly polite to be comparing lovers, Will Turner. I’ll not stand for that again!”

Will opened to his mouth to retort but quickly snapped it shut. Jack nodded, “Smart lad.” Will glared.

“Fine, then no more whores.”


“You heard me, Jack Sparrow, no comparisons from me, and no more whoring for you.”

Jack looked searchingly into Will’s eyes for a beat, then burst out laughing. He took another gander at Will’s look of bewilderment and laughed harder. “So that’s what all this is about?”


“Very eloquent, Will,” he muttered, trying to catch his breath. “You could have just asked me not to go out on the town tonight. I’d’ve stayed with you if you asked.”

“And what if I never want to you go out whoring again?” It sounded childish the moment he said it, but he pushed down the embarrassment.

Jack paused a moment, still breathing harshly. He was thinking hard about something. Finally he spoke, “Well then, I shall have to just bite the bullet, as it were, and give it up, since you asked all nicely and such. Lord knows I wouldn’t miss the beatings.” Will knew he was mocking, but he could also hear the sincerity in Jack’s voice. He smiled and leaned his head against the shorter man’s shoulder; it wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but for the time, it was enough.

He felt a slight rocking motion against his thigh. He blinked and felt it again, and he looked hard at Jack’s face and rolled his eyes as the man feigned innocence.

“I supposed you’d like me to take care of your little problem?”

“Aye, or I think it might become /our/ little problem in a while.” Will suppressed the urge to laugh.

“Oh if I must . . .”

“Much obliged,” Jack said in mock politeness and he switched their position and leaned himself up against the door, pushing Will gently but firmly to his knees.

There was very little talking after that, both focusing on the task at hand. Needless to say, it was finished quickly, as Jack had been on the edge for a while. Will barely any time to enjoy himself before Jack released in his mouth, clutching Will’s head and leaving him to either swallow or choke. As Jack finally released his hold on Will’s head, the younger man tried not to look too revolted; while swallowing was something that Jack greatly enjoyed and did as often as possible, it was something for which Will had not yet developed a taste.

Jack sighed happily and ungracefully dropped to his knees, then proceeded to plunder Will’s mouth for all it was worth, tongues fighting and lips sucking where they could. When they broke apart, Will had forgotten why he had been disgusted in the first place. Jack smiled softly and grabbed Will under the arms to hoist him up before pushing determinedly toward the bed.

They spent a few minutes arranging themselves comfortably on the small bed before they relaxed, Will resting his head on Jack’s chest, listening to the slowing heartbeat of his sated lover. He was just getting comfortable when Jack whispered in his ear, “We should probably apologize to Sarah tomorrow; after all, she was doing me a favor tonight.”

Will pushed himself quickly to his elbows and stared at Jack. “Favor?” he said slowly, comprehension dawning. “A favor? You-”

Jack barked a laugh. “Pirate!”

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