jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Drinks All 'Round

Author: Haldir Fancier (aka) Sparrow (aka) Willow (ladyofgondor4@hotmail.com)

Pairing: Will/Jack

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Slash, sex, minimal plot.

Summary: Will's invited to have a drink, as usual. Huzzah.

Notes: AGH! So late, I think I'm going to kill myself. O_o

Written for Sparrowhawk as part of the J/W ficathon:
"Strong, forceful Will pounding Jack into the mattress and Jack loving every minute of it. Hot, hard, and fast with no apologies. Having an actual plot is optional; having both characters in character is a must."

When Jack invited Will to "have a drink" with him, it usually meant the two of them getting completely plastered, until, usually, one kissed the other. That typically led to sex, predictably, and Will had come to the conclusion that it was more interesting with Jack than it had ever been with the (ex)fiancée he'd left back on land.

Not that he'd admit that to anyone.

"Will!" Jack called to him, early that evening. "Come have a drink, will you?"

Naturally, Will agreed without hesitation. And tonight was hardly different from the rest. When Will opened the door, following the completion of his duties on deck, Jack was seated in his chair, his feet propped up on the table, and his hat pulled over his eyes. Will paused, unsure.

"Come on, lad, sit down." Jack pushed his hat back, and Will grinned, accepting the other seat Jack waved to. He adopted a position similar to Jack's, without putting his feet on the table, and instead draped one leg over the arm of the chair.

"Jack, I was thinking today-"



"Might hurt yourself."

Will made a face and waved his fingers dismissively at Jack. "No, I was thinking about Anamaria."

Jack cocked an eyebrow.

"Why hasn't she got her own ship yet?"

"She's picky," Jack said, sinking back into his seat and shifting to get more comfortable. "Can't have the wrong ship; it's gotta be perfect, for her. Don't know why, though."

Will grinned, and Jack handed him a mug, already full. Will sipped it and choked on the alcohol. Jack leaned over and pounded him on the back.

"Dear God!" Will rasped a minute or so later. "What is this?"

"New stuff," Jack replied, grinning. "Something I picked up in the last port. Word I heard was 'vodka.'"

Will shook his head, swallowing a few times, and set the mug back down. "Never mind."

Jack shrugged and took the mug. He inspected the liquid inside. "Wanted to see your reaction. Mine was rather similar. Rather prefer rum, thank you." He set it back on the table, and looked at Will, who rolled his eyes and replaced his leg over the arm of the chair.

"Is there rum, then?"

"There is!" Jack said, springing up, and Will watched in amusement as he searched fruitlessly through a cupboard. When he reached the second, however, rum was to be found, and Jack held it up triumphantly. He came back to the table and handed the bottle to Will, not bothering with cups.

Will nodded in thanks and smiled as he opened the bottle carefully. Jack almost never did it carefully. Usually it was all for show, the way he held the bottle out and sliced the neck, cork and all, off with his sword.

Will took the first pull, and handed it back to Jack. They passed it back and forth until it was nearly empty, and Will was giggling like a girl and Jack was almost unable to keep himself balanced with his feet on the table.

"And then he just... sat down!"

Will howled with laughter, tears streaming down his cheeks. He gasped for breath and rubbed them away with his sleeve. "Not very smart," he muttered, and Jack nodded.

"No' very, no."

Will giggled, and Jack glanced at the bottle.

"Oh dear."

"Mm?" Will asked, looking up at him, blinking. Jack shook the near empty bottle.

"Think we should get another?"

Will shook his head. "No, had enough, thanks." Jack looked appalled, and Will smiled lazily, leaning over to press his mouth to Jack's, and missing by about an inch. He kissed the spot again, trying to make it look like he meant to hit Jack's jaw, and then moved up for another try.

Jack's mouth met his as Jack's hand came around to cup the back of his head. Will licked Jack's closed lips, and shifted closer. Jack gave in, opening his mouth, and Will thrust his tongue in. Jack took his feet from the table, and Will immediately moved to straddle him on the chair, hands on his shoulders, tilting his head to kiss him.

The kiss was sloppy, almost frantic, and Jack melted to it easily, sliding his hands under Will's arse and pulling him up close. Will's hands found their way under Jack's shirt, having pulled it out of the sash, and was running his thumbs up his chest. Jack murmured and lifted Will up out of the chair, turning to drop him on the bed. Will sat up, pulling his shirt off, and grinned.


"Well what?"

"Take it off!"

Jack looked down at his half-undone shirt and loose sash, and shrugged.

"All right."

He tugged his sash off and divested himself of his shirt, and moved to kneel on either side of Will's legs. Will moved away, and pushed him down on the bed instead.

"Not tonight, luv," he said, mimicking Jack's accent, and dove down to kiss him again. Jack's hands fisted in his hair, come out of its tie, and he kissed back, until Will broke away and licked a stripe up his jaw to his ear, and sucked for a moment on his earlobe.

Jack moaned despite himself, and Will, taking the sound as a cue, ground his hips against Jack's, easily feeling the mutual interest. Will left off his ear to suck his neck, and then shifted himself, sitting up with his palms against Jack's chest.

"Don' mind?" he asked, slurring a little.

Jack shook his head. "No, don' mind. In fact," he said, starting on the fastenings of Will's trousers, "be my guest."

Will grinned. "Glad to." He rose up onto his knees and pulled his trousers down off his hips, and fumbled at Jack's own. He slid his hand in and curled his fingers around the hard flesh, and Jack nearly purred, eyes fluttering closed. He threw one hand out to the side, groping for the drawer in the bedside table, and tossed the oil to Will, who barely caught it with his free hand.

Will pulled his other hand out of Jack's trousers, ignoring the whine of protest, and tugged them down instead, leaning in to give the head of Jack's cock a quick suck before he pulled them all the way to his ankles.

Jack hadn't time to recover from the mere moment of hot suction, before Will was back up, trousers discarded on the floor, and kneeling on either side of his hips. He was leaning down again to capture Jack's mouth, and Jack wrapped both arms around him. Will giggled, still rather inebriated, and rubbed his nose against Jack's.

"If you do that," he muttered, "I can't get back down there and fuck you silly."

Jack had no idea that choice of words, coming out of the mouth of the normally controlled (language wise) man, would have such an effect on him. He fisted his hands in Will's hair and pulled him down for another kiss.

Will broke away, stroking down Jack's chest, and Jack actually whimpered. Will rested his chin on Jack's chest and took a dark nipple in his mouth, sucking lightly. Jack tried to push his head down farther, but couldn't manage the will power to dislodge him.

Will switched to the other one, biting lightly, and Jack arched.

"Mmm, please, Will."

So, Will thought, this kind of control he took... Jack liked it. A lot. He could tell easily by the fluid Jack was leaking over his hand, and how when he stroked just so, his hand slid easily and Jack moaned aloud.

He moved down on the bed and ducked his head to take Jack in his mouth again, deep, and Jack writhed, twisting his hips so forcefully that Will had to pin him down, his forearm across Jack's abdomen. Jack whimpered piteously, and Will smiled, best he could.

He fumbled open the bottle he held and upended it on his palm, now pulling his mouth off Jack again and pressing kisses to the insides of Jack's thighs. He let the oil run down his fingers and stroked them down the cleft of Jack's arse, pressing them gently against the tight opening.

The muscle gave rather easily, and Will pushed a first finger in, deep, rubbing past /that/ spot. Jack made a choked noise in his throat. Will worked a second finger in, twisting his wrist, and Jack moaned Will's name.

Will leaned up to kiss him, and Jack threaded his fingers through Will's hair, pulling him down, sucking his tongue into his mouth. Will replaced two fingers with three, for a few moments, and then pulled them out, moving almost frantically to coat himself.

He positioned the head of his cock at Jack's entrance and pushed in slowly, but Jack seemed to have other ideas. He wrapped both legs around Will's waist and pulled hard, plunging Will into him.

Will gasped loudly, catching himself on his hands on either side of Jack's head, and grinned. He leaned down to lick at Jack's throat, even as he pulled out to start a rhythm.

It was awkward for a moment, but they found a steady pace, Will thrusting deep and Jack arching his hips to meet him.

"God, yes, ohh Will," Jack muttered, and Will rose up on his knees, taking hold of Jack's hips and speeding up. Jack moaned, tossing his head restlessly, hands twisting the sheet.

"Harlot," Will teased, giving a particularly hard thrust. Jack moaned, and then glared up at him.

"Am not."

Will twisted his hips, smirking, and Jack's eyes fluttered closed. They snapped open a moment later.

"I am not a harlot!" Jack huffed, and Will slowed his pace, easing in and out maddeningly. Jack gripped the headboard, bearing down on Will's cock. "Fine! I'm a bloody harlot! But Christ, do it harder!"

Will grinned, and Jack looked up at him pleadingly. Will relented and hooked his hands under Jack's knees, pulling them almost to Jack's shoulders, exposing him indecently. Jack bit his lip, stifling a moan as he felt everything tighten, and he broke away, wrapping one arm around Will's shoulders and pressing kisses to his throat and his shoulder.

Will, in turn, made an odd noise and moved one hand from Jack's hip to curl around Jack's cock instead. He gave a neat twist of his wrist, and Jack froze.

His cry was muffled by Will's tongue in his mouth, and he arched against him, spilling himself over Will's stomach. His clenching muscles did Will in, and Will gave a last thrust and shuddered, spending inside Jack. Jack moaned and wrapped his arms around Will, pulling him down. Will shivered for a few moments in his arms until the waves of pleasure subsided, and he shifted away to pull himself out of Jack. Jack murmured and pressed close to him again.

"Fuck I needed that," Will muttered, pressing his cheek against Jack's shoulder. Jack grinned, running his fingers through Will's hair.



"Tomorrow night. Care to come back for a drink?"

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