jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Discovery
Author: Smiley (sweetdignity@aol.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG
Summary: Will finds freedom and more aboard the Black Pearl.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Which is a shame.
Warnings: SLASH!
Feedback: appreciated.
A/N: I still haven't finished the epilogue to "Unfaithful". Sorry. But, for some reason when I'm about to go to sleep a new idea for a story comes to mind. This and my last story started out like that.

All his life he had been the good boy. He respected his elders, always tried to hold back his tongue in the presence of those above him (even though he didn't always succeed), tried to abide by all the rules of society, looked at least somewhat presentable at all times, and always treated any woman he came across with respect. Even if it was a whore.

Then, he met the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. He could remember the very first time he met Jack. He had never seen anyone like him before. He was so… different. The way he dressed, spoke, and walked was so out of the ordinary. He held no regards for the rules and the only rule, if you can call it that, that he followed was "what a man can do, and what a man can't do".

While at sea, he had tried to keep being the same man he had always been, but, after a while, he couldn't resist the temptation of what Jack was offering him: freedom. He stopped worrying about how he looked and how he acted. With Jack he didn't have to hold his tongue, despite the fact, that many times Jack laughed at what came out of his mouth.

Jack taught him that he didn't have to submit to those above him, he could look them in the eye and speak his mind, that he had to set his own rules and limitations, that he did not have to follow the rules set by society, since, those rules were "made by the rich" and he was "stupid" to follow them because all they did was "keep the rich and powerful dominant while the poor starved to death".

In a way, Jack freed him and he realized that all his life he had been what others expected. That's why the first time Jack kissed him he decided that no matter what he would be true to himself. He would let Jack deflower him, even if the Church consider it a sin for two men to lay together. Damn them anyways. It's not like they never committed a sin. And after their rather passionate session when Jack and him laid together he asked himself if maybe the Church didn't know how good it felt to be with another man.

The freedom the sea gave him was intoxicating. And when he returned to Port Royal, he did the only thing he could do. He saved a wanted but good man from the gallows. He stood up to Norrington and he renounced his place in a ruthless, deceitful society.

At first, he doubted his decision. What if he never learned how to properly sail a ship? Was he sure that he didn't love Elizabeth? Did Jack even want him on the Pearl?

All his questions were answered when Jack took him to the Captain's Cabin and tenderly, carefully made love to him. It wasn't like the first time. The first time had been rough and hard. It had been for pleasure and release. The second time, however, had been for one purpose and one purpose only. To show their love. And afterwards when they were both spent and sated Jack had declared his love and he had declared his.

In that moment, he understood what his true purpose was. It wasn't to reproduce in order to keep the Turner name alive, or to spend his life next to a woman that didn't truly comprehend him. It was to protect his Captain. To show him that he wasn't alone and that he was right: not all treasure is silver and gold.


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