jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

This website is the archive for the fanfiction posted on the JackXWill Yahoogroup. Stories may also be submitted directly to the archive. JackXWill is a slash-oriented group focused on the pairing of Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

  • Slash means the romantic pairing of two same-sex characters. As the focus of JackXWill is the pairing of Jack and Will, the fanfiction archived here will discuss, describe and depict a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two males. If you are homophobic, closed-minded, uncomfortable with homosexual situations, or have no sense of humor, you have certainly sailed off course.

  • JackXWill accepts fanfiction of all ratings, from G to NC-17. This means that some of the fanfiction here will contain rough language, violence, and/or graphic sex. If you are easily offended, or are uncomfortable with rough language, violence, and/or graphic sex, or if you are not of age to view or read what is considered adult material where you live, you have also sailed off course.

  • JackXWill only accepts Jack/Will centered fanfiction. If you are looking for Jack/anybody else, Will/anybody else, Elizabeth/AnaMaria, Pintel/Ragetti, or piratepiles involving the crews of both the Black Pearl and the Dauntless in one bed in a seedy inn in Tortuga, you have definitely sailed off course. If you are wanting something other than Jack/Will, the Parley Archive is an exhaustive archive of Pirates of the Caribbean slash, with just about every pairing imaginable, from the mundane to the seriously disturbed.

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