jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: The Dark Side of the Light
Author: Sparkler (sparkler@gmail.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Will is dark, cursed and soulless yet still feels a yearning
for a certain pirate he feels he can never have.
Warnings: Dark themes, smut, slash, little bit of angst
Author's Notes: Written for a challenge set by yxonomei, for the Will
ficathon on siryn99's livejournal. Challenge being: Must be a DarkFic,
Will bottoms, R-NC-17 rating. I tried my best with the DarkFic bit,
here's hoping it's good enough! A sequel is in the pipeline. Watch this space!

Will Turner stumbled along the narrow path, just barely keeping himself from falling into the bushes that lined the way. His head was spinning and the whole world was hazy to him as he squinted into the dark night ahead. All his limbs seemed like they were protesting against having to move; but as Will neither felt them, nor cared, he staggered onwards towards the shore where his small boat was harboured.

The dark night had settled over the rowdy town of Tortuga long ago, yet Will had carried on, not stopping to rest as he did not need it. As he finally stepped out onto the sandy shoreline of the Caribbean Sea, his figure was flooded in moonlight and, as if by magic, his skeleton was revealed. The ragged, torn clothes that were now visible did nothing to hide the grotesque sight of Will's mangled and rotting bones.

Throwing down an empty rum bottle, which rolled away after falling with a soft clunk, Will walked over to the small, one-man boat which was laying on the sand before him. Peering in to check nothing was amiss, he immediately noticed the large lump that lay on the floor. He poked it, hard. Quivering, a face appeared from beneath the rag of material that the person had been using as a makeshift blanket.

"What the fuck do yer think yer doin'?" Will bellowed in the general direction of the woman - well, he thought it was a woman - laying in his boat, doing his best to try not to slur. "Get lost!" he added as an afterthought.

She scampered out of the boat and headed towards the path down which Will had come from towards the main part of the town. Casually, as if he did it everyday (which he may as well have done), he pulled one of the loaded guns out of his belt and shot once - twice.

The woman, whoever she had been, fell with a screech into a crumpled and bloodied heap on the floor. Will after a moment of thought, walked over to where her corpse lay and began rifling through her clothing. Alas, he found nothing of value. A few pebbles, rags, an empty glass bottle and an unloaded gun made up the belongings of the woman.

Will sighed and shook his head, though this was more from sheer annoyance at the lack of loot than of any guilt for killing the woman. Glancing back at the boat, he stepped over the body of the woman and returned down the path from whence he came.


Jack Sparrow carefully steered the Black Pearl into the harbour of the small shantytown of Tortuga. He stepped off the ship; his pride and joy, into the familiar rowdy town, deeply breathing in the heady smell that lingered in the warm air. Without even a second glance at his crew, he strode confidently through the town, waving off prostitutes and the like, until he arrived at his favourite pub - The Jolly Sailor. The same place he and Will had visited all that time ago when they were after the Pearl … Jack shook his head and pulled himself together. No good reminiscing about that those few months of his life … he knew he wasn't going to see Will or Elizabeth again.

After recomposing himself, Jack headed into the busy bar - and it was no wonder it was always full, he mused to himself; the bar was well known for having the best rum in the Caribbean, and it was a rare night when there wasn't a crowd of people there. Unluckily, this wasn't one of those nights, and it took Jack at least ten minutes to reach the bar and order a drink. He didn't notice the solitary figure sat at the back of the bar, shadowed by a dark corner, his smouldering gaze fixed solely on Jack.


Jack took a room at the pub for the next few nights so that he and the crew could have a few days off to relax. Everyday, Will would return to watch Jack before leaving, attempting to get the crazed lust he had for the man out of his system. Barbossa had been right … women couldn't stake his lust any more. Will had taken to finding men, some willing, some forced, to try and rid himself of the insane lust he felt for the pirate since his 're-acquaintance' with him, a lust that drove him crazy with need. It wasn't right, he was unfeeling, he was immortal - this shouldn't happen to him. And yet it had. He didn't know how or why, he just knew that he needed to rid himself of the insatiable need he felt at all times.

Soon enough, he found that whores and men didn't work, that his lust still burned away inside him. On the day he realised, there were a number of unfounded murders and chaos fell upon the town. At one particularly bad moment, Will raided a small whorehouse and set the whole place on fire in his rage. The only thing that cheered him up a little was the sounds of the screaming that emitted from the helpless victims that were trapped inside the wooden building, each sound satiating his lust for the moment.

It took four days for Jack to notice Will, although even longer for him to recognise him. Will had changed - a lot. His brow had lowered and the lines around his face had become more pronounced, marring his once graceful features. He looked a lot older than his mere 22 years. The dirt, blood and grime that caked his body also helped hide his long lost identity well. Will himself wasn't even sure what had provoked the change of heart. He had just realised one day that he wasn't wholly content with his life. The pirate blood in him longed to travel, to see the world, to be free, but most of all to be able to feel the rocking of the waves at night sending him to sleep and waking up to feel the fresh spray of the ocean on his face when he ventured outside.

In a reckless moment, he had followed his instincts and stolen a boat, not knowing where he was headed or what he intended to do. He just knew he had to get out of the stifling place that was Port Royal, get away from the gossip and the laws and be able to do what he wanted. Be able to be *free*.


The day that Jack noticed Will was a very happy day for him indeed. Will was sat in his usual corner, observing Jack from beneath lowered lashes, telling anyone who cared to approach him, ever so politely to 'fuck off'. Most heeded his warning, and had for some nights now, but there had been a couple of fights before this one, mostly between Will and some foreign pirates. He had a particular 'thing' against pirates because of what Barbossa and his crew had done to his father, and figured that because he couldn't have his revenge on them (the laws of Port Royal were far too strict for that), he may as well get it on any other pirate who happened to cross his path instead.

Except Jack of course. Or any of his crew - they had been good to him, and Will was grateful for that in his own twisted way. And so he left them alone, though he rarely saw them anyway.

Jack was sat at the bar. It was about four in the afternoon and he and his crew were due to return to the Pearl tomorrow and set off into the Caribbean, intending to go wherever the wind took them. The figure, who had been there all the time Jack had, was sat in the quiet corner of the bar, mainly keeping to himself and staying out of trouble unless provoked. Curious to know who the lonesome man was, Jack took a deep breath and walked over to the table, sitting down on a wonky stool. Jack looked at him, and as soon as he saw the chocolate brown eyes that were staring back at him, Jack couldn't help but do a double take.

He'd know those eyes anywhere - how could he not? Narrowing his own eyes as if in disbelief, his gaze flickered up and down the man, taking in his whole body, clothes and demeanour in one swift glance. Hesitantly, as if he still wasn't sure that he was seeing things properly, Jack croaked, "Will?"

"Hello, Jack," Will replied with a grin, using all the self-reserve he possessed not to jump on the pirate sitting in front of him and start kissing the very breath from his lungs.

"Wha- How did you get here?" Jack was obviously extremely confused and quite at a loss. "Where's Elizabeth?"

"If you must know, I sailed here - you know, in a boat?" Jack scowled at him. "And, as far as I know, Elizabeth is still in Port Royal. But I can't be sure. Haven't been there for over a year."

"Why?" Jack's expression had returned to being bemused after the short scowl he had directed at Will.

Will shrugged, not sure if he wanted to tell Jack. There was silence between them for a few moments before he sighed and began, "I suppose it's because I didn't love Elizabeth. Well, I did love her, I just wasn't in love with her. She had become like a sister to me. Then, there was the added fact of wanting to get revenge on those bastards who killed my father. Those reasons good enough?"

"You don't have to prove yourself to me, you know. But in this case, yes, they're very fair and completely understandable," Jack assured, being able to imagine the predicament Will had found himself in during the whole marrying Elizabeth fiasco.

"Good. So what are you doing here anyway?" Will asked.

"We just stopped off her because it was, um … convenient, I guess. We're off again tomorrow."

"Ah," said Will, struggling to keep up his façade even though he felt like his heart was breaking.

"But still," continued Jack, "I suppose we have a lot to catch up on. How about you have a meal with me tonight?"

Will struggled not to look too eager as he replied, "That'd be good. See you in here later?"

"Yes, sure. I've got some things to attend to before we go. I'll see you in a couple of hours, mate." And with that, Jack got up off the stool and headed out of the bar, turning back just once on the way to the door to call, "Oh, and Will? Do me a favour?"


"Take a bath!"* Jack shouted and was out of the bar, leaving Will smiling to himself at the pirate's antics.


Later that evening, Will and Jack were to be found dining in one of the quieter taverns by the seashore. Jack was filling him in on the goings on of the whole crew of the Black Pearl after his escape from Port Royal; not an easy task, considering all that went on in the life of the pirates. Will was listening intently, trying to keep the conversation focused on Jack so that he didn't have to speak about his own past. He didn't want to have to reveal to Jack what he was - what he had become. He was an incredibly different man to the one Jack had known all those years ago, but Jack didn't necessarily have to know that.

"You know, you've been awfully secretive this evening," Jack, ever observant, commented.

"Have I?" Will said faintly, knowing full well that the statement was completely true.

"Yes, you have," Jack agreed, leaning in to stare Will right in the eyes. "Are you not going to tell me anything about what happened before you got here?"

"No," Will replied firmly, leaving no room for argument. "Just drop it, right?"

"All right mate," Jack said defensively, his hands flailing wildly. "I won't pry any further. I was just curious."

Will had sat back in his seat, eyebrows drawn together and was staring moodily from under his long eyelashes at Jack. "You know," said Jack, his voice lowered seductively, his eyes gazing deeply into Will's, "I think I quite like this new, darker side of Will Turner."

Will couldn’t hide his shock. Had Jack really just admitted to liking him? Well yes, that much was obvious. But in what way did he mean it? Did he - could he? Meeting Jack's eyes fully at last, and seeing the almost-hidden desire deep within their gaze, Will's question was answered. He gulped, having to restrain himself even more this time to prevent himself from ravishing the pirate right then and there.

"How about we take this to your room?" Will said, surprising even himself with his forwardness, though Jack a lot more.

Quickly recovering from his shock, Jack replied, "Best idea you've had all night there!" and got up from the bench on which he had been seated. Holding out his hand for Will to take, Jack lead him out of the bar and through the dimly lit streets - luckily for Will, there was no moon tonight. They headed through the town and soon arrived at the bar where Jack was staying.

They snuck in together through the back entrance and, giggling like schoolgirls, up to Jack's room. They were both breathing heavily as Jack shut and locked the door behind them, leaning back against it to try and regain his composure. Will, not being able to resist an opportunity like this, slammed Jack back against the oak door and kissed him harshly, creating a furious mesh of tongues and teeth.

They were both breathless again as they pulled away from each other, both lost in the gaze of the other and unable to break the spell. Then, as suddenly as Will had kissed Jack, Jack flipped them over and held Will against the door, immediately attacking the clean, enticing stretch of neck that was bared in front of him. As he licked and kissed his way up to Will's ear, Jack's hand found its way up to the top of Will's tunic, playing with the buttons there for a moment before deftly undoing them, one by one, lips still attached to Will's neck.

As Jack pushed the tunic off and began working on Will's shirt, Will started to manoeuvre them both in the direction of the large bed. Jack, getting the drift of what Will was doing, turned around suddenly and pushed Will back onto it. Will lay stunned for a moment before Jack began to climb on top of him and he was brought back to this heavenly reality. With a pleasured groan, Will pulled Jack's head down to meet his in a searing kiss.

"Good God, Will … where did you learn to kiss like that?" Jack breathed in awe before leaning down to test Will's *abilities* again.

"Just a natural, I guess," Will answered, smirking, when he pulled away from the kiss.

Rolling his eyes, Jack pointed out good-naturedly, "Egotistical wanker," silencing any protests Will may have made by placing his lips firmly over Will's.

Seconds later, the buttons on Will's shirt had followed the fate of the tunic's, and the material was cast aside in order for Jack to sit back and admire Will's gorgeous chest. Will was now painfully hard, from the combination of having Jack *here*, like *this* and the look in Jack's eyes - the desire-filled gaze that Will was certain was meant just for him. He groaned loudly as Jack took one of his nipples in his hot, wet mouth and enjoyed the sensation for a few minutes before reluctantly pushing him away. Jack looked extremely confused at this gesture until Will began to confidently undo his sash, which was tossed to the floor, shortly followed by his shirt.

Taking a deep breath to try and calm the heady feeling he had from wanting this so much, Will leant in towards Jack's chest and began mapping it out with his hands, his tongue and his lips. Jack, who was straddling Will, enjoyed the sensations until he felt it was all becoming too much. "Will … no … going to …" was all Jack was able to grind out before Will reluctantly pulled away. Jack shifted to the side and trailed his hands around Will's chest for a moment before reaching down to gently slide off his pants, releasing Will's throbbing erection which, having been straining against the confines of his pants, leapt free as soon as it was released and stood proudly for Jack's scrutiny.

After the several minutes that Jack took to calm his erratic breathing, he shifted again so that he was led comfortably between Will's legs. With a soft sigh of, "Beautiful," he leant down to place a single, chaste kiss on the head of Will's cock. It was all Will could do not to come right there and then.

But he found it took even more willpower to hold back when he felt himself being engulfed, from root to tip, by Jack's velvety mouth. And when Jack started sucking, and using his - what turned out to be very talented - tongue … Will was sure he felt stars behind his eyes. Sadly though, Jack sensed how close he was to orgasm and pulled away before it went too far. As he sidled back up Will's body, he wriggled out of his pants and when he met Will's lips for another of those heavenly kisses, their erections rubbed together, creating a delicious friction that made them both moan into the kiss. Jack was the first one to pull away, as he carefully leaned over Will, searching around in the pile of clothes near the bed until he found what he was looking for and came back up, grinning.

He gently reached down and spread Will's legs, looking deeply into his eyes to ensure Will knew exactly what was happening and whether he was OK with it. He slowly slid one oil-slicked finger into Will's puckered hole, moving it around for a couple of minutes before introducing a second digit, grinning happily at the positive responses he was provoking in Will. As a third finger entered him, Will ground out, "Oh, for God's sake, fuck me, Jack!" his voice heavily laden with lust. Looking at Jack through half-lidded eyes, he wriggled impatiently on the three fingers that were filling him.

Groaning, Jack drunk in the sight of Will laid out wantonly before him, legs spread, begging to be fucked, and he knew he couldn't take it for a second longer. He removed his fingers and carefully positioned the tip of his erection at Will's entrance. Keeping his eyes firmly locked with Will's to make sure that there were no signs of pain expressed within their depths, Jack slowly slid into Will.

"Fuck … so tight … so hot …" Jack mumbled along with some other incoherent curses, while Will just moaned in pleasure, before beginning to move, slowly at first, inside Will. He started with short, shallow thrusts, but as he began to hit *that* responsive point inside Will, causing Will to mewl adorably, Jack's thrusts became longer, harder and altogether more satisfying for both of them. Jack reached down between their bodies and took Will's aching cock in his hand, the movements of his hand matching the fucking of Will's arse.

Their sweat-slicked bodies glided together, both of them moaning almost continuously now from the sensations that had overtaken their bodies. Finally, it all became too much for Will. He tensed up, feeling his orgasm approaching fast. Jack, undone by the feeling of Will's muscles clenching tightly around him, joined Will instantly, and an inane stream of babble and swear words poured from each man's mouths as they both emptied themselves into and onto one another.

As the waves of the intense orgasm subsided, and their bodies ceased rocking, they collapsed against each other, their bodies limp from a mixture of pleasure and exhaustion.


As they lay on the bed together, basking in the afterglow that only wonderful sex could give them, Jack felt the need to voice his thoughts. "That was fucking fantastic, William."

"Oh God, yes. Please tell me we can do it again sometime."

"Well, if you're up for a repeat performance…" Jack leered.

Will grinned.


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