jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Crossing Swords
Author: Spooon (spooon@shawcable.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jack and Will have an ongoing argument as to who's the best fighter.
Disclaimer: Who's the owner of the boys who shag for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!
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Author's Note: Hmm. What to say, what to say. If this is bad quality, I apologize. I was blocked the entire month. I still don't know if I'll be able to get my J/N athon fic in on time.
Written for: Alicia Graybill. Request was: Plot must presume an ongoing argument between Jack and Will as to who is the better swordsman with an injury (preferably not life-threatening) leading to an "apology" with sex. Doesn't matter who gets hurt or who's on top but I don't want to see Whiny/Wimpy!Will and absolutely no Elizabeth.

Will paced back and forth along the length of the ship, checking and rechecking the ropes. There seemed little point to it, but what else was one to do, when there was no wind, nor indeed any weather at all, it seemed? They'd been stranded for days, too far from land for the sweeps to be of any use, but with enough food on board that they were in no danger of starving before the unpredictable summer winds returned. Will was the only one on deck, the other pirates stumbling below to drink themselves sloppy even more often in this unnatural calm than was their habit in normal weather.

He was just rounding the foremast again when he heard a slight creak of the deck plankings, out of sequence with his own footsteps. Easily recognizing the sound, he whirled on his heel, drawing his sword and bringing it to bear, clanging it sharply against the other's, also up and ready.

"Very good," Jack grinned at him over their crossed blades.

Will smiled back. Not an altogether nice smile, though Jack found it so. "Save your condescension for those who *can't* beat you."

His lover's eyes twinkled familiarly. "I do, mate."

And the fight was on.

* * *

Jack heaved himself back up onto the ship. Stopping to resupply always got on his nerves somehow, and he was only too happy to return to his *Pearl*.

Even on those occasions when the path to his cabin was blocked by a well-crafted sword. A sword wielded by a lovely young man with a challenging little smile on his lips. That suited Jack just fine, actually.

Draw sword, salute, thrust, thrust, parry, step, thrust, turn, step, step, thrust, parry, thrust. Compliment Will's pretty eyes and imply that he can't fight in the same sentence, parry parry parry parry duck. Advance, retreat, advance. Advance. He had just backed Will up to the forecastle deck and was about to claim victory when Will pulled out a second, hidden sword and flipped Jack's weapon out of his hand.

"You cheated," Jack approved.

"Indeed I did. Shall I say it?" Will smiled back, holding both swords aimed at Jack's throat for a few heartbeats before lowering and sheathing them.

"No, don't bother. You win this time, love," said Jack in response to Will's expectant look, putting his own sword away. "But since you cheated I'll have to claim a forfeit."

"Really? What sort of forfeit?" Will stepped right up against Jack, and made as if to kiss him but instead flicked his tongue out to lick teasingly at Jack's mouth. Then when Jack went to grab his arse he pulled away and ran at full tilt for Jack's cabin. Jack followed hot on his heels, and slammed the cabin door shut behind them.

* * *

The sound of Tearlach taking bets didn't distract Will anymore. Not that it ever disturbed him *much*, but in the early days of his and Jack's competition he'd always wanted to listen and find out who was betting on him and who was betting on Jack. Now that he'd learned to predict how the wagers would go, it no longer took his attention.

He still practiced three hours a day, in addition to the time he spent fighting Jack or anybody who crossed the *Pearl*'s path with a bit of shine, and Jack never seemed to practice at all outside of said fighting scenarios, yet they seemed perpetually evenly matched, one usually only beating the other by cheating first.

Will fell back, maneuvering their fight closer to the coils of rope on deck, sure he'd have the advantage when Jack was watching his feet trying not to trip up. But then he raised his arm too slowly to deflect a blow, and a line of fire traced along his side, making him hiss.

Jack nearly dropped his sword at seeing blood soaking through Will's shirt, by Jack's own hand. He did however sheathe it, mutely declaring an end to their sparring, and took gentle hold of his lover to see how bad the wound was.

"It's fine, Jack," Will said as Jack started leading him back to his cabin. "I'm fine."

"Of course you are, love. But it's still bleedin' something fierce, an' needs to be bandaged. Mebbe even stitched up."

Just before the cabin door closed behind them, Will heard Ladbroc arguing that Jack hadn't precisely won that round, since Will's sword was still up when Jack ended it.

* * *

"I'm fine, Jack. Stop fussing over it." Will slapped at Jack's hands as they adjusted his bandage for the umpteenth time.

"Sorry, Will. But ye just look so pretty lyin' there all injured and helpless. An' since I'm the one what hurt you, it falls to me to nurse you back to health."

"I'm *not* helpless --stop that! You're going to make it fall off." He slapped some more at the hands smoothing down the edges of his bandage. "I've gotten worse than this, continued fighting, and then worked a full watch. You've seen me do it with your own eyes. Why are you making such a fuss this time?"

Jack lay down next to Will, propping his head up on one fist. "This time it's my fault, that's why. I should make it up to you." He trailed a hand down Will's torso, finally avoiding the edge of the bandage. "You like it when I make things up to you, don't you?"

"Oh, fine." Will relaxed into the bunk, letting his legs fall open a bit. "If you absolutely insist."

Jack laughed. "Just don't think I don't appreciate all the hardships you suffer on my account. Imagine, a strapping young lad like yourself forced to cope with a pirate touching him intimately."

"Shut up, Jack." He pulled Jack down on top of himself, kissing him firmly. Jack had to catch himself on one hand so he didn't land on Will's injury, but settled into the kiss with a pleased sigh. Will's hands rubbing over his back encouraged him to gently put some weight on his lover, and the full-body contact was made ever sweeter by the caution Jack was exercising.

Jack broke away to kiss down Will's neck, parting his lover's thighs to better rub their clothed erections together, and Will sighed and shivered as he always did when Jack nipped that one spot on his throat. "Mmmmm, Jack…" he moaned, pulling Jack's shirt up and removing it, with a brief incident of it snagging on one of Jack's hair beads.

"Shush, I'm apologizing." Jack struggled with his boots before deciding to just leave them on. Will's shoes were a far easier challenge, and the boy was soon naked but for the bandage around his torso.

Will squirmed and writhed through the preparation, his breath coming in fast gasps that increased in volume the longer Jack spent stroking him inside. "Jack…. Jack, don't tease! Don't tease me," he pleaded, arching off the bunk as high as he could without pulling at his injury.

"Apologizing, lad," Jack said authoritatively. "'M not teasing, I'm apologizing." His free hand went to Will's firm rod, and flicked ever so gently at the tip, making Will yelp.

"If you don't stop, I'm going to come," Will panted, clenching his hands in the sheet on either side of his head.

"Yes, Will, come for me. Show me how beautiful you are in your pleasure." Jack pressed a relatively innocent kiss to Will's cheek, just before giving a sharp little jab to Will's pleasure spot, making Will shudder violently and bear down around his fingers, spurting onto his belly.

He continued stroking, bringing his lover back down gently. When Will relaxed, wrapping his arms around Jack, Jack pulled out and quickly untied his trousers, pushing them down enough for his prick to pop out. He pressed in smoothly, and Will gave an open-throated groan as he was filled.

Jack thrust languidly, angling his hips to give Will as much pleasure as possible, and resumed stroking him, trying to bring him back to full erection. Will was still dazed from his orgasm, and becoming more dazed from the next one Jack was coaxing out of him, but managed to cling to his Captain, running his hands down Jack's back to squeeze his bottom, circling his hips to grind against him, and reinitiating the kiss that had started this particular bout of lovemaking.

A strikingly nimble play of Jack's fingers brought Will's second release, his cry of joy surely heard by those on deck. Again, Jack held him through the aftermath, kissing his flushed face and stroking his oversensitized skin. When his eyes refocused, he looked questioningly up at Jack. "Aren't you done yet? I've gone twice now; it's your turn." He stroked Jack's lower back encouragingly.

Jack smiled his best pirate-smile back down at Will. "No, love. Like I said, I'm apologizing." A soft peck to Will's lips, and he continued. "I hurt you, so now I'm going to fuck you until you don't remember the meaning of the word pain." Another skillful movement stirred Will's cock to erection for the third time. "So just lie back and enjoy."

Will obeyed with a shiver of anticipation. This was going to be a long night.

* * *

When he woke up, he leaned gingerly out of bed, still tired and perhaps a bit sore from earlier, and picked up his sword.

It wasn't particularly honourable, but then he *was* a pirate, and prone to cheating.

But he didn't manage to bring it near his lover before it was intercepted by another blade, wielded by that same man lying next to him, grinning wickedly.

"You'll have to do better than that, love. You forget, I know you."

He smiled back. "It was worth a try, anyway."

"True." Stalemated, since neither cared to get out of bed, they just lowered their swords and curled back up together, and went back to sleep.

Without weapons, this time.

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