jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Crossed Paths

Author: Mahie/EvenStar (persefone_rj@hotmail.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will for sure :)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: What if Jack hadn't been marooned with Elizabeth? What if the Dauntless hadn't come to rescue Will? What if Jack had managed to save Will anyway? Would Will still want to stay with Elizabeth?

Notes: Written for the Jack/Will ficathon. It's a fic I had in my mind
for a while but hadn't been able to write it yet. So I changed some
parts to fit in the request.

Dedication: to Lozateazer,who requested first time and romance. Oh, and no PWP or dark themes. Hope I managed to do that. ;)

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post it on the lists I'm in and at Aff.Net.

Warnings: Slash, of course. If you don't like it then don't lose your time reading it and don't bug me with flames. A bit angsty as well, but not much. It's an AU, as well.

Beta-reader: Melannen. Thank you so much, dear!

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Disclaimers: all of them belong to Walt Disney, not to me. The plot belongs to me. And Jack Sparrow belongs to wonderful Johnny Depp. :) No infringement is intended and I'm doing this for fun, not for money.

'thoughts' "speech"

"Barbossa, you lying bastard! You swore she'd go free!"

Will grumbled in frustration while some of the men in Barbossa's crew
tied him and covered his mouth with a gag. He watched Elizabeth walk the plank and fall into the water. Not too long after that, he felt rough hands shoving him to the brig. He and Jack Sparrow were locked in the same cell, while the rest of Jack's crew was locked in another cell.

"What are you looking at?" Will shouted at Ragetti, who was staring at him like the fool he was. The one-eyed man looked to the floor and left quickly with the rest of Barbossa's crew.

Will sighed: "She's going to die, isn't she, Jack?"

"Not sure, whelp. But you can be certain of one thing... yer going to die for her, just like ye promised."

"Shut the fuck up, Jack. It's not possible that you can't have a plan for
us to break free."

"Sadly I don't," Jack scratched his head. "Though, we could work on that. What do ye think?"

"Whatever," Will complained, frustration in his tone. "Thought you'd be wise to have something already planned."

Jack looked at him, uncertain of what to say. Will was being harsh and he didn't understand why the boy was throwing all his anger at him. So he said: "Calm down, Will. We're goin' to think of somethin'. If it makes ye feel better, I've been in this position before. And here I am, alive and well." Jack smirked, showing some of his golden teeth.

"Oh, really?" Will said sarcastically. "Well, then, tell your 'alive and
well' good self to fuc--" Will was saying mockingly when Jack put his
hand on the boy's mouth.

"Shut up, boy." And his tone was serious now. "Yer not goin' to help anyone here with this anger at yerself." Jack's tone was menacing, and Will decided it was better to shut his mouth.

Some things passed through Will's mind... Jack had been always nice to him, and he - what had he done? He had whacked him in the head, had claimed he 'fell behind'... not to mention all those times he claimed that a pirate was a scallywag who'd only deserve the gallows... and now was being rude with him again. Thinking about those, he wondered why Jack hadn't slapped him hard or given him a punch yet... he surely would have reasons to.

Trying to feel better with himself, Will said, "Look Jack, I'm sorry. I'm nervous. Elizabeth may die if she's left there, on that island, and... "

Jack looked at Will sympathetically: "I know. No need t'be sorry, boy. I understand ye."

"Thank you," Will smiled warmly.

Will stopped talking for a while, just thinking about being at the hands of Barbossa's men. They were vile, real pirates-like. Jack was a good man, and Will knew it. Hell, of course he was. And that was why it seemed he had been marooned by Barbossa's crew, who only wanted treasure. Will felt sorry for Jack. If Barbossa's men wanted to harm him, Will, what could they possibly do to Jack? Will didn't want to imagine it. They had to come up with a plan and fast. But Will's mind was blank. It seemed too hopeless a situation.

Funny how Jack seemed to be calm, humming a pirate song. Will was going to yell at him again, but decided against it. He spoke calmly. "Considering you're singing, Jack, I reckon you've already figured it out how to get us out of here?"

"'M not too keen on planning ahead, boy. Be calm. What do ye want me t'do? Pull me hairs off me head? Singin' is usually more helpful."

Will shook his head, irritation coming back to him. "You're hopeless."


The caves in the Isla de Muerta shone with the brightest treasures that Barbossa's crew had found and gathered. As they were led to the stone chest, Jack and Will watched as Barbossa's men's eyes brightened at the sight of silver and gold. Will did not understand that; Jack had been right when he'd told him that not all treasure was silver and gold... the only treasure Will could think of was Elizabeth. Jack understood the men's need of gold; he himself thought a good deal about treasure.

They were led to the chest and Barbossa said: "You first, boy," He motioned to two of his men lead Will in front of it.

Will's heart was hammering inside his chest. He hadn't thought of any plan to escape and it seemed Jack hadn't thought of anything either. Will's throat was dry. It seemed he wouldn't escape. 'I'm dying for Elizabeth,' he tried to think. 'She's gonna be saved by the Royal Navy. She's wise enough to do something and call their attention.'

But, oddly enough, the thought didn't make Will feel calmer. Or to think it would be worth to die for Elizabeth... 'If only I was in love with her... and not only loved her... ' Will's eyes widened in comprehension. 'I'm not in love with her... ? Where the hell did that come from? I must be losing my mind, that's all.'

Barbossa positioned the knife on Will's throat and the boy gulped. He looked at Jack, as if praying for him to do something. And other thoughts came to his mind... 'Jack is so beautiful... never had noticed how that kohl makes his eyes be so... no, not good, not good, I'm starting to have delirious thoughts.'

Trying to compose himself, Will decided to speak. "You promised the crew would not be harmed. I'm part of Jack's crew."

"Ye said nothing about yer own sake, Mr. Turner... ye pointed to the crew, not yerself," Barbossa said evilly.

"But... "

"No buts whelp, shut yer mouth now... " Barbossa said and started chanting: "Begun by the blood... by the blood... "

Jack's words cut Barbossa's ones off: "I'm having a thought here, Barbossa. Why not just slice the boy's hand, and not his throat?" Jack asked. "After all, ye can lift the curse without killin him, eh?"

"Want him all fer yerself, eh Jack?" Barbossa smirked, making Jack glare at him and Will blush. "No, the whelp is goin' t'die."

Barbossa pressed the knife harder at Will's throat, drawing blood, making the poor boy shiver with fear. He looked at Jack, desperately, not knowing what else to do. But Jack's mind was blank. The blood ran down Will's throat, making the boy gasp. Jack felt his chest constrict at the scene and finally spoke. "I have somethin' to bargain ye with, Barbossa."

"And what would be worth this pretty boy's life?"

"Me own."

Will looked at Jack with widened eyes. No, he couldn't possibly have said that. What was Jack doing? Was this part of a plan? Will hoped it was. The thought made him feel calmer.

"Yer own... " Barbossa pondered over that. "I could kill ye, then."

"Let's not be so drastic... " Jack's face seemed calm. "I offer ye me services as yer slave."

'Hell will freeze cold before Jack is any man's slave.' Will thought fondly. Now, he was sure that was part of Jack's plan.

"Me slave... and just why would I choose ye instead of this boy for that?" Barbossa said evilly, pressing the knife harder again on Will. The poor boy was becoming pale with all that tension. "He's younger than ye and would serve me much better... " Barbossa went on.

"I could do anything ye wanted, Barbossa." Jack continued. Amongst all the tension, Will was confused. Why was Jack protecting him so? But he couldn't help the warmth he felt in his heart.

"Well, Jack... " Barbossa spoke. "Not in yer wildest dreams could ye imagine what "anything" would be done to ye... why would I choose an old dirty pirate instead of a fresh, virgin young boy?"

'That's it.' Will thought, terrified. 'I'm going to become his sex slave. He's going to rape me and I will never be able to meet Elizabeth or Jack again. Hell, why am I thinking about Jack and Elizabeth on the same level?' Will's thoughts swirled in confusion, disturbance and fear. Barbossa was still pressing the knife at his throat and Will was tense like never before. His legs and lips were trembling badly. He felt he was going to have a heart attack if Barbossa didn't quit with that knife.

After hearing Barbossa's words, Jack's eyes widened in realization. Now he was aware what Barbossa was up to. And, in that moment, he realized what he had to do.

"Who says he's a virgin? He's not a virgin to women, and neither to men, if that's what yer thinking. I meself had the honor to be his first."

Will blushed crimson at the affirmation. God, Jack was going too far with that. But he wouldn't say a word, if it meant that Jack would manage to save his life. He looked at Jack fondly. The man knew how to lie! He didn't even turn red!

"And how do I tell yer not lyin'?" Barbossa said.

"I swear on me pirate's honor," Jack said seriously. "If yer looking for a virgin boy to be yer slave, mate, it's not Will."

Will was still red with shame. His heart was hammering inside his chest. He looked at Jack, unsure of what he felt, of what he wanted. Will was just sure that something had changed inside of him. He tried to keep cool when Barbossa asked, "Is it true, boy? That Jack took yer virginity?"

"It is," Will replied in the most belieavable way possible.

"And... did ye like it, being Jack's whore?" Barbossa asked evilly, making Will blush all the more.

"He's not me whore. He'll never be a whore t'me." Jack replied, irritatedly. Will felt his breath catch and his heart swell at Jack's words and said, looking straightly at Barbossa:
"Yes, I did. I loved it."

"Damn it. And here I was thinking I'd have a virgin boy t'play with. No more virgin boys these days... " Barbossa grumbled.

Jack stepped in front of Barbossa again and said, "So, mate. Accept me offer. Cut his hand. Lift the curse. Let him go, and then we talk about me slavery."

Barbossa grumbled again and said: "Me slave... ye know what this means, don't ye, Jack? No freedom." Barbossa smirked. "I am aware," Jack gulped.

"Then we're agreed." Barbossa said.

"Not yet." Jack spoke. "Ye have to promise me Will is not to be harmed in any way, now or later, if not for the slice in his hand."

"D'ye love him, really, eh Jack?" Barbossa said, and Will turned all red again. But Jack remained impassive. He just said, "Our feelings are mine and Will's business. So," Jack said cooly, "Are we agreed?"

"Agreed," Barbossa shook hands with Jack.

Will was confused. Jack's words danced inside his mind, his thoughts swirling. His heart was beating fastly. Hell, it wanted to jump out of his chest! Will knew all his emotions were showing at that hour.

Barbossa went to Will. He cut the boy's hand and, with the repaid blood, all the pirates turned into mortal men again.

"Yer free to go, whelp," Barbossa said. Will started to walk away from them, still with a confused look on his face. If Jack had a plan, then surely he would escape any way he could?

"Go, Will." Jack said. But Will had stopped frozen. He felt he couldn't leave Jack like that, in the hands of that bastard. Barbossa shrugged and clasped Jack in irons. Will was afraid that Jack had done exactly what he had told Barbossa... had saved his life by offering his own to Barbossa in return.

It was clear that he had. Once he was in irons, how could he escape? His crew was imprisoned on the Pearl. All Jack had around were Barbossa's men. How would he escape, then?

And so Jack said something that made Will's blood run cold. In a serious tone, the pirate spoke, "Sorry, mate. 'M not goin' with ye. Save yer life, I'll stay."

"No, Jack!" Will yelled despite himself.

"Now, boy, yer startin' to annoy me," Barbossa said. "Go away, or I'll... " Barbossa pointed the knife at him, but Jack said, "Our bargain, mate. No need to harm Will. He's leaving, aren't ye, Will?" Jack pleaded with him.

Will did, stumbling while he tried to get to the boats. His mind was racing. He needed to do something. He needed to save Jack. 'Oh, God, what am I going to do?'

Blindly, Will rowed the boat until he found himself at the harbour where the Pearl was docked. He went right to it, thinking that if he managed to save the crew, they could all come back and save Jack. Will was going to climb to the ship, but was stopped by a cold voice:

"Stop right there, boy."

A man Will recognized as Köehler pointed a gun at him. Twigg joined his mate, pointing another pistol at Will's head. So, Will realized they had stayed watching the Pearl. 'A ship like that would never be unwatched', Will cursed himself for not thinking.

Will's heart was still hammering. He didn't want to leave. How could he leave Jack, after all Jack had done for him? All that Will wanted was to come back, to face this danger with him, to stay by his side.

On the other hand, what help could it bring? If he did anything stupid, he would only risk his and Jack's life all the more. Will knew he had to think rationally. When facing danger, you had to be useful. Of what use he could be if he stayed there, if not becoming another slave?

Will was breaking inside. His heart screamed for him to stay, to stay by Jack's side. But his mind screamed that he had to leave, and find help in any way that he could. This way he could help save Jack, this way he would be useful.

So, though his heart was breaking, Will left. He tried to take comfort in the thought that it was the only way he could help Jack. But it didn't do any good. He cursed his luck, Jack's luck, and prayed that everything ended up well.

Köehler and Twigg did nothing as they saw Will commandeering one of the boats Barbossa had stolen and sailing away from the Isla de Muerta.


Will managed to arrive at an island with some difficulties, but he had done good for one whom had barely steered a ship. Once he got on the unknown island, he left the boat docked with the keeper so that he wouldn't lose it to a pirate and have to commandeer another one, and searched blindly for a tavern. It was the only obvious place he could
find a pirate, he thought. Well, that or a brothel, but Will refused to go to such a foul place.

Once he got inside the tavern, his mind was racing again. First Elizabeth, now Jack... what could he do to save them both? And, amongst his racing thoughts, Will realized something about himself... when had he started to care about Jack the same way he cared about Elizabeth?

'Jack saved my life,' Will thought.

But he knew that was not the only reason why he cared about Jack's safety. Trying to push the disturbing thought off his mind, Will searched for pirates. He eyed a few of them playing cards, and felt afraid. Those men didn't seem friendly; neither did they seem to be good men. 'Jack is in danger', Will thought, and approached the men warily.

"Excuse me. How can I get to the island of Tortuga from here?"

A large, fat pirate eyed Will from head to toe and said in a monotone,"What a pretty boy such as yerself would want there, eh?" He smirked and Will realized that all the pirates were eyeing him from head to toe. Will noticed that some of them were even looking directly at his "package" and his blood ran cold.

Another pirate said, "We're goin' there in some hours, boy. Do ye think ye could offer us a... payment?" He ran his hands on Will's buttocks, and Will stepped away from him, eyes wide.

"I cannot wait." Will went running to the docks. Why hadn't he thought about asking that to the keeper? The Hell if he eyed him oddly and thought he was a pirate. He needed the information so that he could go to Tortuga soon and find people to help save Jack. Surely he couldn't help him all by himself.

Elizabeth was in the back of his mind. He only thought about Jack's safety at that hour.

Will approached the boatkeeper and asked, panting: "Do you know how can I get to Tortuga from here?"

"It's a vile island, boy. What business do you have there?"

"My business is my own," Will remembered he had some coins on his pocket. He showed two shillings to the keeper: "Are you going to help me or not?"

The man accepted the coins and told Will all that he needed to know. Soon, the boy left in a hurry, hoping he wouldn't take too long because of his poor skills as a sailor... a pirate, perhaps.


Will cursed with himself while he got closer and closer to Tortuga. 'Damn it, Turner! Three days to get to this fucking island! The boatkeeper said I would be here in a day or at least a day and a half, if I stopped the ship for the night. I didn't stop it and I took three days anyway! Poor Jack... ' Will sighed tiredly.

As soon as he got to the docks, Will left the boat, not even bothering to keep an eye on it and prevent it from being stolen. From Tortugans you could expect just anything and Will simply didn't care about any of that at the moment.

He ran to a tavern. Will didn't know how to gather a crew being just a blacksmith and not a well-known pirate, but he was willing to try. As soon as he entered the Faithful Bride, he tried to keep himself away from the fights that were occurring and look for anyone who resembled a pirate. Jack needed his help!

Will's mouth opened in surprise when he met just inside the tavern a completely safe and sound Jack Sparrow delighting himself with rum and telling tales of how he got his Pearl back.

Will didn't know whether to hug him or to yell at him. After all, the man had Will worried sick for three long days while he tried unsuccessfully to get to Tortuga quickly. But Jack saw Will first and helped him make his decision.

Jack stood up and hugged him, and Will did the same, finally smiling with relief on his features.

"I thought we wouldn't meet again," Jack said, his eyes intense. He looked at Will directly in the eye, which made the boy feel a little uncomfortable.

"What happened?" Will said, exasperated. "When I left the Isla de Muerta you were one of Barbossa's slaves!"

"'M no man's slave, boy," Jack continued to look at Will intensely.

"So you planned it from the beginning?"

"No... not really," Jack confessed in a lower tone. "But don't tell the crew."

Will smiled. "I'm happy to see you safe, Jack. How did you escape?"

"Well, me crew don't like to be imprisoned, ye know."

"But Köehler and Twigg were well-armed and watching the Pearl!"

"Lad, do ye know how to count?" Jack smirked, making Will glare at him."So ye know who won the fight. Me crew broke the jail bars, killed the two miscreants and came to me aid."

"I see," Will smiled. "Got a loyal crew, then. And your ship back." Will was sincerely happy for Jack. Hell, he wanted all the best for him. He couldn't be more grateful for what Jack had done for him. If only he knew how to thank him enough... Will realized that, maybe, he would never be able to do that.

His heart warming with Jack's presence, feeling relief to seeing him safe,Will had to ask:

"Why did you offer your services to Barbossa, Jack?"

"I thought it was clear, Will. Me freedom in exchange for yer safety."

"I know it. But why did you save me by forfeiting your own life?"

Jack approached Will and threw his arm on the boy's shoulders. He led him to outside the tavern. Then he said, "I don't know, Will. I just had to. I couldn't let ye die like that at
the hands of that bastard. I would never forgive meself if I did."

"You hadn't planned it?"

"No. Believe me, it was just on the spur of the moment. I can't say there was any reason to it."

"No, there wasn't. You risked yourself. You could have been killed. Am I the one doing stupid things now?" Will said, a little angry.

"'M well-acquainted with risk, lad. You shouldn't have to worry."

"But I did worry!" Will said passionately. "That's why I'm here! I wanted to gather a crew and go after you! I was crazy with worry."

Jack seemed to consider it and gave a smug smile that made Will feel irritated. But Jack composed himself and said, "Thought you'd be with the lovely Miss Swann right now... planning on how many children you'd have."

"Elizabeth... " Will sighed. He had totally, completely forgotten about her. But what was forgotten was forgotten. Will just prayed she was all right. But all thoughts of her vanished from his mind when Jack pulled a curl of hair from his face, tucking it behind his ear. Will's heart started to thump.

"Ye decided ye wanted to help me, then?" Will nodded. "Had I waited for ye, I could be dead now... " Will glared, but Jack smiled, making Will's insides melt.

"I don't know how to sail... " Will said in apology.

"Maybe I could help ye with that... do ye wish to stay, lad?"

"What?" Will was caught off guard. "What do you mean?"

"I'm offering ye a place on me crew. Then I'll teach anything ye need to know to be a pirate."

"Jack, I don't know, I... " Will felt divided. How could he leave all he knew in life behind like that?

"Stay?" Jack asked him. Will had never seen Jack ask something with such passion. "Stay with me?"

Will could just nod.

And he could only melt when Jack drew him against the wall and kissed him in the most passionate way Will had been kissed. All thoughts of Elizabeth vanished from his mind. All he wanted and all he needed was Jack.

Will had been kissed before, but not like that. Jack was passionate and warm and Will was melting in his arms. He could only kiss back with the same intensity, a bit afraid because of it, but willing to forget all his fears and stay.

Stay with Jack.

Jack's tongue on his was heaven. Will moaned in Jack's mouth, throwing his arms on Jack's shoulders and pulling him closer. Will felt Jack's erection pressing against his own and moaned louder, though it was being choked by Jack's mouth on his. It was heaven and more... much more.

"How can I thank you enough?" Will said,breaking the kiss harshly. "How can I show you how grateful I am?" He ran his hands over Jack's face, and even Jack, being so experienced, was caught off-guard by Will's passion. He kissed Will again, crazy with desire, with lust, with want. He just wanted that; he needed no retribution. And Jack voiced his thoughts.

"I don't need no thanks. Ye are me thanks... knowing that ye want this as much as I do," Jack caressed Will's face, kissed his neck, touched him anywhere and everywhere and Will made no objections. He wanted more, he wanted to feel loved, to feel protected, and make Jack feel that way as well. Hell, he wanted even more to make Jack feel good.

"Was this why you saved me, then?" Will asked, embraced tightly with Jack. "Because you wanted me? Because you wished that was true that we had slept together?"

"Yes," Jack confessed without even thinking twice. "Not only why I want ye... but also because I care fer ye, Will... "

"Do you?" Will asked, his heart hammering again.

"Aye, luv, I do." Jack caressed Will's curls.

"You're so wonderful... " Will kissed Jack's cheek tenderly. Then he looked at him in the eye. "You lied without even turning red." They laughed heartily, clutching at one another, kissing every bit of exposed flesh they could find on each other.

"Are ye really a virgin, Will?" Jack asked, but did it so tenderly that Will didn't feel any shame or that he was going to be rejected if he told the truth...

"Aye, Captain. I am." Will said, looking intently at Jack. "Not to women... but to men, I am."

Jack kissed Will, and it seemed to the boy that he was being even more caring that he had been before. "And would you let me take yer virginity?"

"Yes," Will replied, his heart full of a feeling he didn't know how to name, but it made him feel perfect, loved, and cared for. "It seems you are going to do exactly what you said some days ago... be my first."

They kissed again and Will felt Jack's hands at his back, caressing him wildly, going lower and lower... Will didn't care if anyone looked at them oddly, didn't care about anything else but Jack's tongue in his mouth and Jack's hands on his butt, pinching lightly, caressing, or just touching him there. Will felt very clearly how much he wanted Jack, how much he needed him. He wanted to make love to him and he wanted it now.

"Jack... " Will managed to break the kiss softly. "I need you... please, let's go to the Pearl."

Jack smiled. Was he the relieved one right now? He kissed Will's neck, running his tongue along it and said, looking at Will in the eye. "Right now, luv."

Jack pulled Will by the hand, leading him to the Pearl and his cabin. The Tortuga racket meant nothing for them at that hour. They were both aroused, wanting more than anything to have one another in the most intimate way possible.

As soon as they got to Jack's cabin, the kissing continued intensely. Jack smiled and stroked Will's hair when he felt hands at his waist, undoing his belt and trousers. Will wanted to give Jack all the pleasure that was possible. He needed to prove he was grateful for Jack saving his life, though Jack wasn't asking him anything. Will just wanted to give it to him, to surrender to Jack completely.

Jack sat on the bed and Will knelt in front of him. He licked Jack's erection slowly, teasing, wanting to make the man writhe in pleasure. Jack moaned and felt his heart swelling in response to Will's enthusiasm. After all, he hadn't thought they would meet again and some days ago, all that Will could think was Elizabeth Swann.

Jack's breathing became ragged and Will decided to stop teasing. He swallowed Jack whole, letting him fuck his mouth with ardor. Jack was almost screaming and he pulled Will's hair tighter, while the boy took his cock in and out of his mouth hungrily, using his tongue to tease, lick and suck at the head of Jack's cock. All Will wanted was to swallow Jack whole, let him feel how he wanted to do what he was doing. He wanted Jack badly.

"Oh, God... " Will moaned, letting Jack's cock slip from his mouth slowly. Jack, crazy with desire, helped Will get back to his task, but not before they looked at one another in the eye.

No words could describe what Will felt at the moment. Jack's eyes were dark with lust for him, just for him. They stared at one another for another long moment in which Jack stroked his hair with the utmost tenderness and then Will continued his wondrous task.

Jack sighed and moaned and bucked his cock into Will's mouth while the boy swallowed his erection, wanting him to come soon, to feel the climax building inside him and making him feel the pleasure he deserved.

And so it happened. Jack came inside Will's mouth, making the boy gasp and choke a little, but Will wanted it all. He took all that he could of Jack's seed, licking and cleaning Jack's cock with his tongue.

Will smiled at Jack after it all, and all the pirate wanted was to hug Will tightly and cuddle, but he knew Will needed release as well. Jack kissed his lover's mouth caringly, while they lay on the bed slowly.

Jack started to pull Will's clothes off. First the shirt,then the belt and the trousers and finally the undergarments. Will's cock stood proudly erect and Jack caressed it, slowly at first, while he kissed Will with passion, tasting him... Will tasted sweet, and though Jack didn't know how to define Will Turner, he knew that he was dangerously close to falling in love with him.

Jack lay above Will, still overwhelmed by the notion that Will had gotten down on his knees and sucked him till orgasm without asking for anything in return. Little did he know that to Will it was nothing compared to his life, which Jack had saved.

Jack said: "You were too kind t'me, Will... ye need the very best that I can give ye."

"Just don't leave me anymore," Will said, voice filled with love. He clutched at Jack's shoulders, as if he was going to slip away if Will didn't hold him tight.

"No, luv, I won't. Stay... please? Stay with me?" Jack asked again.

Will nodded: "I'll stay. I can't ever be away from you again." And Jack kissed him again, full of care, full of want and need.

Jack's kisses were making Will insane with lust and Jack felt himself stirring again from Will's kisses. Will helped pull Jack's shirt off and now they lay completely naked, their legs entwined. Will put his legs around Jack's waist and Jack started rubbing their erections together.

Jack started to lick Will's neck, running his tongue in the crook of it, kissing Will all the time. The boy moaned and pressed his legs harder to Jack's waist, caressing Jack's bum with his feet. The pirate hardened even more to have Will doing that. A panting, sweating naked Will Turner on his bed was too much for him. Jack groaned and said:
"Yer goin' to be the death of me... "

"Not before you fuck me, Jack... please... do it. Do it!"

Jack kissed Will intensely. He couldn't imagine this boy, who had been so stiff before, begging to be fucked. But it was real, it was happening and Jack was going to oblige even if it was the last thing he did in his life.

He left the bed, making Will whimper in disappointment, but Jack assured him he wasn't leaving *him*. After finding the oil, Jack sat on the bed, and pushed his index finger to it and once it was coated, he pressed the same finger to Will's opening.

When Will's pleasure point was found, he bucked off the bed and begged again to be fucked. But Jack knew he needed more preparation. Lowering his head, he suckled Will's cock slowly, while he prepared him with more fingers carefully.

"Jaaaaack... please... " Will moaned. "Oh,God... "

"Please, luv, just have a little patience... dun' want to hurt ye... "

"I may be virgin to men, but I'm not a bloody frightened virgin maiden... I want your cock on my ass right now, Captain Sparrow!"

Jack grinned and finished stretching Will right after that. Will smiled sweetly again, not even looking the impatient boy who had glared at Jack for not being fucked soon. He pulled Jack to lay above him and put his legs around his lover's waist again.

Jack positioned his already dripping cock at Will's entrance and pushed slowly inside. Will whimpered a little but it all got better when he felt that the head of Jack's cock had already entered him. Moaning, he clutched Jack's shoulders and started to move.

"Shhh... calm down... " Jack kissed Will's forehead. "'M goin' to give ye all ye need."

"Please, Jack... I'm bursting... I want to come... "

"I know," Jack said, thrilled. Very slowly, he started to move, much to Will's despair, but soon his thrusts became faster and harder and rougher. Jack took hold of Will's cock in his hand and stroked it in time with his thrusts, fucking him senseless just like he wanted.

It didn't take much longer for Will to climax. He spilled his seed all over Jack's hand and his stomach. Jack held him tightly while he came, thrusting inside him just a few times more before reaching his own orgasm again.

"That was incredible." Will said, looking at Jack in the eye, feeling his wet cock still inside him.

"Ye are incredible," Jack said sincerely, and they lay there, holding one another, not wanting to move, for some time. They shared a comfortable silence for a while. Jack's hands stroked Will's hair and neck absently while Will's breathing returned to normal. As usual, Jack felt proud that he had made someone feel that exhausted, but there was something about Will that made him feel not only proud, but also very happy, wanting to hold him afterwards, and that was what he did.

He hugged Will tightly against his chest; his mouth sought Will's often. They shared sweet lingering kisses, their tongues on one another's, tasting, licking, probing. The smell of sex was still in the air, but neither of them had much energy left. They went to sleep, curled in each other's embraces, feeling more sated than ever.

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