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A beta reader is a peer editor who will check various aspects of your story -- grammar, characterization, plot, flow, continuity, etc. -- and offer helpful advice and feedback before you post the story.

Why use a beta?

Here are the names of some betas you can contact for help:

Name: Haldir Fancier (JackXWill archivist)
Email: haldir.fancier@gmail.com
Like to read: Romance, humour, PWP/smut, fluffy pieces, most stuff.
Prefer not to read: Major-Character-Deathfics, non-con, torture. Icky stuff.
Strengths: Spelling, grammar, structure, punctuation, characterization, plot, so on. Honest about the quality.

Name: Katie
Email: bgbaby731@yahoo.com
Like to read: mostly romance, adventure, and humor, but I'll read anything, really
Prefer not to read: major character deaths and mpreg.  Anything else, I'm good for.
Strengths: grammar, characterization, punctuation, plot, etc, etc.

Name: KayCee
Email: lil_slayer_uk@yahoo.com
Like to read: Humour, romance, adventure.
Prefer not to read: Mpreg (although will accept if there's a plausible reason) and major torture.
Strengths: Put it this way: I get straight A's in English.

Name: Melannen
Email: Dita4@aol.com
Like to read: Romance, smut, fluff, humor, au's.
Prefer not to read: I'll beta anything. Bring it on.
Strengths: I can help you out with plot holes, characterizations, and more boring stuff like grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. I can also get your work back to you the next day, if needed.

Add your name to our list of beta readers!

Send us an email with the following info:
your name, your email address, what you like to read,
what you prefer not to read, and
what you consider to be your strengths as a beta.