jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Best Laid Plans

Author: Cys (nyakazato@yahoo.com)

Pairing: J/W

Rating: PG

Summary: Will has a Grand Plan that goes awry.

Written for: Sparrow's Blackbird

Notes: I don't think this is quite what the person who requested this
fic was hoping for. And it's really late. I tried to incorporate at
least some parts of what the person had asked for, but by the time the
characters let me up for breath, I didn't have time to try to write
another piece more in line with what was requested. Hopefully, whoever
it's for doesn't mind too greatly.

Warnings: Un-betaed.

It started innocuously enough, with a tickle at the back of his throat.
A tickle that could be attributed to any number of things. Ashes from
the forge, for example. Perhaps from the ever present dust stirred up
during his daily practice with the sword. Mrs. Brown’s ginger cat that
liked to nap on his bed and always left a puff of fur behind. Or,
even, some of Elizabeth’s more exotic perfumes that made his nose
twitch and his eyes burn.

Whatever it was, Will sneezed once, ignored it, and went about his
business. After months of uncertainty, Jack had finally sent word that
he was coming for a visit and Will was determined that nothing, even an
annoying tickle at the back of the throat, would prevent him from
heading out to the Golden Saucer and sharing a spot of rum with the
flamboyant pirate. The winter months had been filled with the
day-to-day drudgeries of life, made even duller by Elizabeth and
James’s absence as they made a tour of the Caribbean for their first

Will was ready for a few tall tales of the sea and adventure that Jack
could weave with only a few drawls and flutters of the hand. Then,
once he had the pirate well and truly pickled, he would strike. Will
grinned as he imagined Jack’s expression and rubbed his nose against
his shoulder. A tickle at the back of his throat was nothing compared
to his carefully laid plans to finally have Jack…well, to have Jack.

He’d tried ignoring his growing fascination with Jack. Will had
quickly realized the folly of that course of action as his eyes would
naturally gravitate to watch each and every movement that the pirate
made. The way that Jack would sway in that rolling gait of his. Or
the way that Jack would drink straight from the bottle with his pinky
lifted straight up as if he were holding a delicate cup of china. The
way his dark eyes would glitter with inner fire as he talked about the
Black Pearl and his latest escapade on the seas. The way that
candlelight would make Jack’s face turn from dark and exotic, to fey
and beautiful.

Then, he’d tried distracting himself from thinking of Jack. He’d put
in hours at the forge, using the soothing labor to pound out his
frustrations and create beautiful swords. A great many swords that
glittered and caught the sun as if they were one of the trinkets in
Jack’s hair. It was only after Will ran out of space to store said
swords that he realized that plan of action wasn’t working, either, and
tried a different tack. He devoted even more hours in practicing with
the swords that he had made. Will had danced, slashed, side-stepped,
parried, and dashed all across the sandy floor of his designated
practice area chasing after a glinting smile and laughing eyes.
Elizabeth had taken matters into her own hands and forced Will to spend
at least one evening of the week with James and herself outside of the

Finally, Will had decided that he couldn’t not let thoughts of Jack
following him throughout all his days and that Something Had To Be
Done. Preferably Jack. With that, it was done and Will had devoted a
few pleasant hours every day imagining how he would be able to catch
one Captain Jack Sparrow. And what to do once he was caught.

Will sneezed and chuckled at himself, pausing in his work to wipe the
sweat off his brow with his sleeve. If past encounters were to be
trusted, he’d find Jack at the Saucer with a full bowl of the
night’s stew along with several bottles of rum ready to be consumed
during the evening. He had just enough time to put some finishing
touches on his latest commission before heading out to the tavern.
Will shivered at the sudden chill as a breeze blew in from the window.
Or, he could call it a night and finish the next day. The delicate
work of engraving, after all, was better done in the cool light of dawn
and with a steady hand gained through sleep and rest. Will blinked
tired eyes that burned. Focus would probably help as well.

Decided, Will went about getting ready to close the shop, banking
fires, putting his tools away, and unhitching Jasper from the wheel.
He stopped by the water pump in the back to clean off some of the grime
and sweat from having worked at the forge all day. Will stuck his head
under the spout and shuddered as the cold water poured over his head
and down his shoulders.

Will sniffled as he dried himself off and went upstairs to get himself
a clean shirt before heading out. Any continued shivers he felt on the
way to the tavern could be blamed on the fact that the heat from
working at the forge could make even a balmy Caribbean night feel as
cold as an English winter.

By the time Will made it to the tavern, his nose was running in earnest
and had progressed to light coughs. He was immensely grateful that the
close press of bodies at the Golden Saucer would assure that he
would be able to warm himself by the time he reached their usual table
in the back. Will grinned as he saw Jack leaning on the bar and
chatting with One-armed Bernie, who could still barkeep and knock heads
to keep the peace as well as any man still possessing all their limbs.

Jack looked up and Will caught his breath at the sight of Jack’s
expressive face lighting up with a gold-tinged smile. Heat that had
nothing to do with the weather gathered in Will’s stomach and quickly
spread throughout his body, leaving his fingers and nose tingling.
Will joined Jack at the bar and nodded at Bernie.

“And here’s the whelp, himself,” Jack said, leaning in close and
throwing an arm around Will’s shoulders, the bottle of rum he was
holding bouncing lightly off Will’s arm. Jack snagged two mugs with
his free hand and led Will towards the back of the crowded tavern,
tossing over his shoulder, “Have the lass bring the stew to us in the
back, mate.”

Bernie nodded and turned to bellow into the kitchen.

Will raised an eyebrow at Jack. “’Whelp’?”

Jack mirrored Will’s look. “Would you rather I called you a eunuch,

Will laughed and shook his head. “I’d rather you called me ‘Will’ as
you well know. How long are you going to insist on calling me that
anyway, Jack?”

“Until y’can prove to me otherwise, m’lad,” Jack replied grinning and
dropped into an empty seat.

“You never change.” Will sat across from Jack and caught the mug that
Jack tossed to him.

“Pirate, Will-me-lad.” Jack paused in the act of pouring Will some
rum. “Though that’s not precisely true, I must admit. But, ‘pirate’
has such a better ring to it than ‘one who procures highly expensive
and rare items that may or may not have more than a passing
acquaintance with trade laws.’”

Will sneezed and rubbed his nose. “I think the word you’re looking for
is ‘smuggler’, Jack.”

Jack finished topping off Will’s mug and filled his own. “Aye, but
‘smuggler’ doesn’t have quite the same flair as ‘pirate’, now does it?”

Will raised his mug and clinked it with Jack’s before taking a drink.
Jack drained his mug in one swallow and threw back his head with a
contented sigh. The long line of Jack’s neck drew Will’s gaze and he
froze. He wondered what it would taste like if he leaned over and
licked his way down that slender column. Will added that to the
growing list of Things To Do To Jack. Will sneezed again, a shiver
running down his spine.

Jack cocked his head and blinked at Will, his brows drawing down into
frown. “You feeling well, lad?”

Will shook his head and took another mouthful of the sweet rum before
answering. “I’m fine, Jack. Just a little cold from working at the

“You sure about that, Will? You look about ready to keel over.” Jack
didn’t look convinced. He leaned forward to peer up at Will and
pressed the back of his hand to Will’s cheek and forehead. “You feel a
bit warm, as well.”

Will snorted. “The weather’s been hot enough to make the devil sweat,
and I’ve been working with a hot fire all day, Jack. Of course I feel
a bit warm.”

Jack held down Will’s mug as he tried to raise it for another drink.
“’Tis more’n a bit warm, actually. I’d hate for you to fall ill, Will.
A summer chill can be more’n a tad inconvenient on account of the
heat, I can understand that, but-”

Will smiled at Jack’s concern. “I’m *fine*, Jack.”

Jack leaned back, frown still on his face. “If y’say so, lad. Just
don’t expect me to be looking after you if y’do fall ill.”

Will shook his head and refilled Jack’s mug. “Don’t lie, Jack. You’d
be the first to care for me if only for the possibility of learning
more about how Elizabeth and James came to be married.”

Jack grinned and raised his mug in salute. “Well, y’did whet my
appetite for the full story last I was here. In fact, if memory
serves, y’promised to tell me the whole of it.”

“I promised to talk to Elizabeth about it. It’s not my story to tell.”

“Surely, y’could tell ole’ Jack-“

Will put down his mug and leaned forward. “No.”

Jack leaned back with his arms crossed and stuck his lower lip out.
“You’re no fun at all, mate.”

Will sneezed and rubbed his nose on his sleeve. He raised his mug in
an effort to distract Jack and felt wet drops on his hand. Will
glanced down and blinked at the way the rum was sloshing over the rim
of his mug. When had he started shivering so? Will’s chin was lifted
up and he slowly focused on Jack’s blurry form. When had things gotten
so hot?

Will wiped sweat off from the back of neck and took a look around
himself. The press of bodies all around was making his skin itch while
the raucous laughter and conversation was sending piercing lances of
pain through his head. The mugful of rum he’d been able to drink
wasn’t helping matters any with the way that every heartbeat was slowly
permeating its way through his entire body until his very fingertips
were throbbing in time to his heart. Heat chased by icy chills made
its way through his limbs with every shiver.

Will turned to Jack and offered a half-smile. “Well, maybe I was
wrong, Jack.”

Jack covered Will’s hand with his own and drew away Will’s mug. “I
think y’need to go have a lie down, lad. Y’need to be taking better
care of yourself.”

Will swayed as he stood, the sudden movement making him lightheaded.
“I think you’re right. It’s too bad, Jack.”

Jack slid his shoulder under Will’s arm and his own arm around Will’s
waist. “Too bad ‘bout what, Will?”

Will nuzzled Jack’s ear. “Well, I was all set on convincing you to
have your wicked way with me.”

Jack froze and turned quickly enough that several trinkets lightly
smacked Will in the face. Will frowned as he tried to remember his
earlier Grand Plans. “Or, I was going to just toss you into the
nearest corner and kiss you into submission.”

Will looked down into Jack’s wide eyes and dropped his gaze to Jack’s
mouth, gaping open in silent surprise. Will licked his lips and Jack
snapped his mouth shut.

“What.” Jack swallowed and tried again, “What’re you on about then,
boy? You’re not about to declare undying love’n affection for my
admittedly attractive and charming self, are ye?”

“No, Jack.”

Jack jumped when Will’s hand dropped down to grope a full, rounded
rump. “Will!”

Will slipped his other arm around Jack’s waist and leaned in close,
nuzzling at the braid behind the pirate’s ear. Will’s hand on Jack’s
rear cupped a firm cheek and pulled Jack close enough that he could
feel Jack’s heat radiating from each point of contact.

“Not undying affection, Jack,” Will said, Jack liquid and pliant in his

“Oh. Well.” Jack blinked, white showing around his dark, surprised
eyes and unclenched his hands, hands that had death grips on Will’s
shirt. A slow, lazy smile was spreading on Jack’s face. “That’s

Will sneezed. Then shivered. And sneezed again. Jack wiped a hand
across his face. “That’s disgusting, boy. Let’s get you t’bed, then.”

Will nodded and pulled Jack to the door. “Bed is good. Better than
good. Excellent.”

Jack snickered. “T’sleep, boy, t’sleep.”

Will looked over his shoulder at Jack and grinned. “Eventually.”

Laughing, Jack quickly followed Will out the door.


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