jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Bad Lunch, Good Dessert
Author: Hellborne (the_ferret_mom@yahoo.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jack’s lunch didn’t agree with him. Apparently there was something odd in it that makes Will look like dessert.
Copyright: Characters, not mine, See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I make no money. He does, but not on this.
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A/N: This was created for the Jack/Will Ficathon II for Acuriel. The requirements were these: “Request: blacksmith!Will has been captured by lustful!Captain Jack Sparrow, who's determined to have his way with the delectable captive, whether Will wants it or no. But wait, Will is not quite so unwilling as he'd like to be. Something about this non-con pirate sex really does it for him. Can sensualmaster!Captain Jack Sparrow conquer his new cabin boy's body? Can shyinnocent!Will become a full-on pirate slut? More to the point, I want a hot NC-17 non-con scene where Will at first resists, then gives into temptation... Temptation in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow! And I want Will there against his will. Kidnap him, drug him, whatever you have to do. Just get me the porn.” Acuriel, this one’s for you.
A/N2: In all my previous stories, Jack has always been incapable of cold-blooded rape, so this has been the hardest assignment I’ve had (no pun intended). Let me know how I did.

Typing convention: / is used for thoughts.

Jack Sparrow stumbled through the streets of Port Royal, one hand to his head, wondering why he was there. He stopped and shook his head, trying to clear it, but had no success. He watched a dog run across the street in front of him into a building; no door...the dog ran straight through the side of the building. Everything looked warped: the buildings, the wagons...even the naval officer heading his way looked wrong. /Naval officer heading my way.../ He looked for a place to hide, but it was too late.

The officer ran up to Jack and grabbed his arm, steadying him and looking him over. “Jack Sparrow! You need to get off the street before someone sees you! I assume you are here for Miss Swann’s wedding to the Turner boy?”

Jack peered at him, weaving more than usual, giggling as the officer’s features pulled themselves together and started to stretch and curl into his hat again. “Lieutenant Groves, did you know that you have the most animated face that I have ever seen?” He giggled again. Not waiting for an answer, he went on. “I do believe you’re right. The wedding. Yes. Tha’s it! I knew I had a reason t’be in Port Royal. Jus’ couldn’ think o’what it was.” He threw up, barely missing both of them. “Bloody stew didn’t sit right wi’ me. Mushrooms made it taste funny.”

Groves shook his head in disbelief as he guided Jack around the corner and up the lane to a small house. He opened the door, ushered Jack into a small downstairs room and laid him on the bed, tucking him in. “Feel free to stay here till you sober up. I don’t want you arrested because you’re too drunk to stay out of sight.” He left, going back to his duties.

“’M no’ drunk.” Jack sat up and looked around. “Lieutenant?” He shrugged and got out of bed. “Wedding. Tomorrow. Right.” He noticed a full-length mirror and looked at his reflection as it warped and wavered, changing slowly into a most perfect William Turner in all his glory. He tried to take the beautiful image before him into his arms—


Jack looked down at the shattered mirror and grinned. “Well, I’m glad I don’ believe in tha’ one either.” He stepped around the ruined mirror and found his way to the bedroom door through a maze of swords that hadn’t been there a minute ago—or had they?

He walked through the house looking for a way out, and found the front door after assuring Groves’ cat that he wasn’t taking anything that wasn’t rightly his.

He left the house and found the road, heading toward the smithy. At least he hoped that was the direction he was going. He walked right into the statue standing outside of the shop and excused himself most politely.

Finally stumbling through the door, Jack saw Will staring at him, mallet up in mid-swing in one hand and a glowing, unfinished sword in the other. Jack tripped and fell down the steps into a crumpled heap.

Will put the sword and mallet down and ran to his friend, helping him to his feet and dusting him off. “Jack! I’m glad to see you! I was losing hope that you would make it to the wedding. But you shouldn’t have gotten so drunk! Someone might see you.”

“’M not drunk! I only ‘ad three tankards of ale wi’ me lunch an’ no rum at all! I was savin’ myself for tonight, lad.” He winked at Will and threw up on the blacksmith’s shoes and socks, doubling over in pain. “I don’ think lunch agreed with me.”

Will wriggled his shoe trying to remove some of the vomit while helping Jack to his room and laying him on the cot. He grabbed a rag and wiped off his shoes, getting another pair of stockings in the process.

Jack looked at Will. Will wasn’t swirling or stretching; he glowed like an angel, and was taking his clothes off rather seductively while watching the pirate from beneath hooded eyes. Jack suddenly wanted to hide his angel. “Not here, love. We’ll be caught.”

Will finished changing his stockings and putting his shoes back on. “What did you say, Jack?”

“Wha’? Oh...Will, love. I think I’d better get back to the Pearl b’fore I can’ get back at all. Could you please row me out and I promise I won’ miss the festivities tomorrow.”

“All right, Jack. Especially if you’re sick. I want you to get better for tomorrow. I don’t want my Best Man sick OR drunk.” He helped the pirate to his feet and walked him to the beach, where they found Jack’s longboat. He sat Jack down on the sand as he turned the boat over, preparing it for the trip to the Pearl, placing Jack into the front of the boat on his back, and then pushing the boat the rest of the way into the water and started rowing.

When they arrived at the ship, Jack’s vomiting seemed to have stopped. Will helped Jack climb the Jacob’s ladder, then maneuvered him into the captain’s cabin to the bed, where he took of Jack’s coat and waistcoat and set them over a chair. He heard a noise behind him, but before he could turn around, everything flashed white and went black.

* - * - *

Will awoke to a mild pain at the back of his head and the feel of something dribbling onto his shoulder and down his back. Whatever it was, it was thick and cool to the touch and smelled very delicious, though he didn’t recognize it. He opened his eyes to find that he couldn’t see. He could feel a blindfold around his eyes. He tried to remove it and found that he was hanging by his wrists in manacles high above his head, his knees bound together and something around his ankles. He didn’t feel any walls next to him, but he did notice that his knees were resting on something very soft and comfortable. /A bed?/ Then he felt a very odd sensation; someone was licking the drippings off of his back, moving up to his shoulder. A pair of calloused but gentle hands began stroking his sides with feather-light touches. All of this soft attention to his naked body—/I’m naked?!/ —was causing him to flush in a centralized region of his body. He straightened up, his weight transferring from his
wrists to his knees, as he felt himself getting aroused. This angered him, as he’d been true to Elizabeth and saved himself except for the occasional late night when he couldn’t sleep and had to take things in his own hand. “Where am I and what do you think you doing to me???!!!”

The hair on his neck rose at the low masculine chuckle and the hot breath on the back of his neck. “You’re in me bed, sweet, young William, and I THINK I’m saving you from a fate far worse than death.” More liquid dribbled on his shoulder, running down the front this time, followed quickly by that velvety tongue.

“Jack? What are you doing? And what happened? I’m due back for my wedding tomorrow!”

“Exactly, love. A fate far worse than death is to be married to that shrew. She’ll have you bowin’ to her, beggin’ for scraps from her table, showin’ ye off t’her friends as ‘her beautiful, well-trained blacksmith.’ No freedom for you there, love. As for what happened, you brought me back to the Pearl, and decided to stay.”

“I most certainly did not, Jack, and I’m not your ‘love’! Now let me go!”

Jack dribbled some more, this time a bit lower, his tongue following till it reached Will’s stiff manhood, which made Will squeak. “And why should I do that, love?” Jack engulfed the organ completely, sucking gently.

Will moaned in pleasure and caught himself. “Jack, this isn’t right! And I’m getting married tomorrow!”

Jack lifted his head only for a moment to look at the vision before him. The glowing angel before him was heavenly indeed! He smiled. “No, you’re not, love. By tomorrow we’ll be far from Port Royal, and she’ll be but a distant memory to you.” He quickly gulped the velvety length back down his throat, tickling Will’s sac with deft fingers.

Will tried to get up off of his knees, and failed, losing his balance and putting all of his weight on the manacles again, his manhood slipping out of Jack’s mouth, then straightened quickly back to his knees by pulling himself up by the manacles.

Jack moved up Will’s body with feather-light touches till he was on his knees facing the bound blacksmith. He dribbled a drop of the thick liquid onto Will’s nose and kissed it away, his tongue laving the tip even as he withdrew. “William, my sweet, bonnie William. Don’t you see how much I love you?” He dribbled some of the liquid onto Will’s nipples and chest and started lapping it up, lingering on the hard, tan buds. “Don’t you understand that I keep what I love?” He moaned and took a hard nub in his mouth and started suckling.

Will moaned loudly as his member started to throb in its hardness. “Jack, I’ve saved myself for Elizabeth for so long! Please don’t ruin me!”

Jack stopped and straightened, looking at Will. “Ye’ve never lain with lad nor lass?”


Jack grinned widely. “Then I’m to be your first?” He made a noise that could only be described as a yummy noise. “Young William, then tonight shall be several firsts for you!” He took a sip of the substance in the teapot he kept the liquid in, leaned forward, and kissed Will, forcing his tongue between unyielding lips.

Will opened his mouth in surprise; he’d never had anything that tasted like that before, and that taste was heaven on earth!

Jack shared his mouthful with Will, who fairly lapped it off of Jack’s tonsils. He knew that nobody could withstand the taste of his “magic concoction,” and he was pleased that Will enjoyed it that much. It made him smile slightly, getting back to the sensuality of the kiss instead of merely letting Will plunder his mouth for more liquid.

Will pulled his head back. “Jack! What was that liquid?!”

“Like it, do you? I created it myself, for pourin’ on things.”


“Pudding, cake, blacksmiths, things pretty enough to eat, you know...desserts. Would you like some more?”

“Lord yes!”

“Good. Enjoy.” He dribbled some of the cool liquid on and around his own nipples and stood up, giving Will access. Will didn’t hesitate to lick it off, though he didn’t do what Jack wanted and concentrate on giving pleasure.

Once all the liquid was gone and Will stopped lapping, Jack moved around and dribbled a bit on the bottoms of Will’s feet and started sucking on them, making Will moan. “Jack, could you please free me and get me back to Port Royal? I forgive you...you’re just too drunk.”

“I’m not drunk, love. I’m seeing things quite clearly in fact. And I’m not bringing you back to that shrew. Didn’t you hear me when I said I love ye?” He dribbled some of the liquid down the cleft of Will’s arse. “I know ye love me, William. Just put her out of your mind and you’ll see.” He let his tongue follow the trail of sweet liquid downward, widening the cleft for his face to fit.

As his tongue reached Will’s opening, he sent his tongue inside it slightly, making Will yelp. “Jack! I shall not let you sodomize meeeEEEE!!!!” He screamed, his mind exploding in pleasure as Jack dipped his fingers into the liquid and plunged one into Will’s heat, hitting his sweet spot and dragging his finger across it several times. Will’s painfully hard member began to weep uncontrollably, his breathing becoming ragged and panting. “Jack, this isn’t right...”

Jack gently slid a second finger into the hole, licking up the excess liquid and sending hot flashes through the young blacksmith. “Does it not FEEL right, young William?”

Will was losing control fast. “Damn you it DOES feel right! Oh my God in heaven!” His hips jerked forward and backward, trying to get even more friction.

Jack chuckled and sent in a third finger, continuing to lick off any excess of the liquid. “Then lay down and enjoy it.” He pulled his fingers out momentarily and disconnected the chain from the ceiling hook.

Will fell forward, his face landing on a luxurious pillow. Before he could move, Jack grabbed the manacles and locked them to a ring in the headboard. Finding he had a little play in the chains now, Will removed the blindfold and tried to get up, making it to his hands and knees. He looked back to find Jack positioning himself at Will’s opening, his manhood covered in a brown liquid. “No Jack!”

Jack held Will’s hips tightly and pressed in, slipping into the tight heat of the boy below him. At first Will screamed, begging him to release him, then, as Jack’s manhood reached that sensitive spot, he cried out in pleasure. “Jack! Oh God forgive me!” He started moving his hips against Jack and moaning.

Jack bent over the writhing body below him, letting go of his hips to dip two fingers into the liquid and bringing them forward to Will’s mouth. “That’s right, my bonnie William. Here...suck on this.”

William sucked the liquid off of Jack’s fingers as Jack grasped the boy’s manhood and started moving his hand in time with his thrusts. This time, when the sweet, creamy liquid was gone, Will continued sucking on Jack’s fingers, moving his tongue in time with Jack’s hips.

Jack felt himself start to peak and started pumping faster into his angel. He saw wings the colors of the rainbow sprout out of Will’s back and spread wide, stretching almost as if he were trying to take off, and started moving his hand faster, making sure his member was hitting Will’s pleasure spot on every thrust. He cried out Will’s name in ecstasy and spilled his seed hard into the young man beneath him.

Will screamed Jack’s name as he came harder than he’d ever thought he could. Jack saw the boy’s wings stretch incredibly far, even to the walls, the rainbow colors of the feathers twirling and spinning till Jack’s mind boggled, then he saw the wings explode into a rain of feathers. His mind was overwhelmed between the pleasure in his loins and the colors flashing and drifting all around him as he fell off the edge of the world, unconscious.

Will collapsed in the aftermath, feeling as though he would never come down from it, falling asleep in his bonds.

* - * - *

“Jack, could you please let me up? It’s morning. I think you should wake up.”

Jack groaned, clutching his head. He looked over at the noise that woke him and gaped. “William? What are you doing here?”

Will looked at Jack. “You don’t remember?”

“No.” He looked at the disarray of the bed, the bindings on Will, and the teapot of liquid. He focused on the teapot. “What is that doing here?”

“You kidnapped me and used it to have your way with me.”

Jack stared at him incredulously, then looked very embarrassed. He was almost in tears. “My gods, Will! I don’t know what happened! I would never take you without your leave! Can you ever forgive me?” He untangled the key from his hair and unlocked the manacles around Will’s wrists as quickly as he could.

Will untied the ropes holding his ankles and knees as he spoke. “Forgive you? You kidnap me the day before my wedding day, the morning of which I wake up manacled in your bed.” He rubbed the back of his head. “You knock me out. You blindfold me. You chain me to your bed. Then you have your wicked way with me, feeding me the most delectable syrup I’ve ever tasted, and giving me the most pleasurable experience in my life!” He grabbed Jack and pinned him onto the bed. “Forgive you? How’s this for forgiveness?” He leaned in and kissed the older man hard and deep, moving his tongue in and out of Jack’s mouth as if it were a cock.

Jack’s eyes went wide as the younger man kissed him, then his fears all melted away and he reached around Will to hold him tight.

As the kiss ended, Will looked Jack in the eyes and smiled. “I want to feel you inside me again. I want to live with that feeling coursing through me every day. You were right last night whether you remember it or not. I don’t want to marry Elizabeth. I want to stay with you. I love you, Jack Sparrow.”

Jack watched his new lover through unspilled tears and smiled. “I never thought you would ever say that, love, so I didn’t interfere between you. Now I wish I had. I love you too, William Turner.”

“Jack? What was that wonderful stuff in the teapot? It was like a drink from heaven.”

“Oh. I guess you’ve never had chocolate before. It IS expensive, but I have a sweet tooth for it. I just add a lot of sugar and clotted cream to it. Makes it sweet and creamy, and a wonderful topping for just about any kind of dessert you could think of.”

Will grabbed the teapot and started dribbling the thick syrup onto Jack’s body. “Yes, it is. Including one I would call Chocolate Covered Sparrow.”


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