jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Vireyda Magodaly

Title: Late
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG
Summary: "Wedding? I love weddings!" Then how come he missed it?

Title: Torment of the Sea
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG.
Summary: Jack was the stone pirate. He felt nothing and did everything, and he still felt free.

Title: Dream of Mirrors
Pairing: Jack/Will, implied Will/Elizabeth
Rating: NC17
Summary: Jack and Will reincarnate as musicians.

Title: Dreams
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "There were many problems being a mystic... the dreams were just one of them."

Title: Learning
Pairing: J/W
Rating: PG-13 for mention of blood
Summary: "Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most dangerous." So William learns.