jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: A New Toy
Author: Andatariel (andatariel@yahoo.co.uk)
Pairing: J/W
Rating NC-17
Summary: Jack has ordered a new toy. Will is very nervous!
Warnings : Snowballing, implied B/D, smut.
Notes : My first attempt at a Jack/Will. Thanks to my awesome beta, alliwantisanelf – you are the best!

Written For: Loza Teazer
Yes Please: Jack discovers a new toy (interpret at will); Will is apprehensive (again, up to you.)
No Thanks: Anything too dark; Dom!Will (that is, if it involves sex.)

Will leant on the rail of the Black Pearl, watching the moonlight sparkle on the gentle waves and breathing in the sweet, heady, tropical night air, letting his mind wander where it would. He could not remember ever feeling more contented in his young life. He was out of the blacksmith’s shop, sailing the oceans with his beloved Jack by his side.

“What are you dreaming of, my lovely?” purred Jack, sliding an arm around Will’s waist as he stepped up to stand close behind him, his breath ticking Will’s ear. “I do hope it involves me.”

Will leant back against Jack’s warm body behind him. “Always,” he breathed softly, turning to capture the lips that not so long ago had captured his soul.

“We set sail for Tortuga tomorrow - I need to pick something up at Madame Julie’s,” Jack murmured, running his tongue lasciviously around the edge of Will’s ear, eliciting a shudder from the lithe young man.

“Oh? What?” Will managed to croak out, surreptitiously rubbing his firm buttocks against the groin of the man behind him and grinning as he felt the obvious arousal. “A gift for me, perhaps?”

“Hmmm, I’ve ordered a new toy for us to play with, lovely,” Jack answered, swooping in to run his tongue up and down the younger man’s neck. “But I’m not telling you what it is; it’s a surprise. I can promise you we will have hours of fun with it, though. And once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to use it every day.” He grinned wickedly, gold teeth glinting in the moonlight.

Will stiffened, his arousal temporarily forgotten. “What… what do you mean, I’ll want it every day? What is it, Jack?”

“Not telling, lovely. It’ll spoil the surprise. Now come to bed.” Jack turned and went into the Captain’s cabin.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Will called before turning back to the rail, chewing his lower lip nervously. Jack was a wonderful, considerate lover, but definitely had a sense of adventure where their lovemaking was concerned. Will grinned wryly to himself, remembering the last time Jack had bought him a “surprise” in Tortuga. He shuddered, remembering the feel of the leather straps, the blindfold, and the banana. And Jack was always teasing him, threatening to get the ship’s carpenter to sand down and varnish a belaying pin for their own ‘personal amusement’.

“I’m waiting, lovely,” Jack’s voice floated through the open doorway. Will squared his shoulders and entered the cozy cabin. Jack lay sprawled across the roomy bunk, naked and sporting an impressive erection. “Come here, my beauty,” he growled.

Will swallowed and moved over to the bunk, stripping off his clothes on the way. After all, he loved Jack and trusted him. He could trust him not to hurt him, couldn’t he?

Jack reached up and pulled Will into his arms, driving all the fears out of his mind with the depth and passion of his kiss. Will floated on waves of love and lust as their sweat-slicked bodies writhed against one another, limbs tangling and rubbing, hands stroking and soothing.

“How do you do this to me?” he gasped against Jack’s kiss-swollen lips. “You undo me with a look, a touch, a kiss….”

“Easy, my lovely,” Jack rasped. “You do the same to me.” He swooped in to enslave Will’s soft, smooth lips again, marveling at the younger man’s responsiveness. Gods, he would never tire of this. He slid his hand down the slim young torso to grasp his lover’s throbbing cock, murmuring his appreciation as he felt the precum already gathered at the tip. He rolled, trapping Will underneath him, and started to slide down the bunk, kissing, licking, and nibbling his way down the trembling body beneath him. He lavished attention on the dusky nipples, teasing them to proud peaks with his tongue and teeth before licking his way down to Will’s navel and dipping his tongue in, lapping up the sweat already pooled there.

“Mmmm, you taste good, lovely,” he purred, raising himself onto outstretched arms and gazing at the flushed, aroused face looking up at him. He slid down further, swirling his tongue around the head before taking the pulsing cock down his throat in one easy movement. Will gasped, his hips bucking up off the mattress, thrusting into the hot, moist cavern of Jack’s mouth. “Steady, lovely,” Jack murmured, grasping the slender hips to pin his lover down while sliding his mouth up and down the heated shaft, drawing teasing patterns and swirls with his talented tongue before pausing to flicker over the slit, gathering and savouring the copious precum that was now freely dripping from his lover.

Will gasped and whimpered. “Jack, love…aaah… I can’t … can’t hold on much longer!”

“Then come for me, lovely.”

Will screamed and jerked up, shooting his essence into Jack’s welcoming mouth. Jack kept his mouth around the throbbing organ, milking his lover until he was spent before sliding up the bunk to engage Will in a passionate kiss, pushing his lover’s come into his mouth. Will swallowed eagerly, tangling his tongue with Jack’s until he had to break free for air.

“Oh, my love, that was amazing,” he murmured against Jack’s neck, sliding his hand up and down Jack’s rock-hard cock. “Now, I need you inside me.”

With a growl, Jack fastened his lips on Will’s slim throat, reaching down between his legs to slide his fingers up and down the cleft of Will’s firm arse, teasing the sensitive opening there.

“Here, love,” Will passed him the little bottle of oil from the table at the side of the bunk. “You may need this.”

Jack paused to slick up his fingers while Will spread the oil generously over Jack’s already pulsing cock, mingling it with the precum that was slipping out in copious amounts. “Mmmm, Jack, don’t think I needed to use so much oil this time, my love,” Will grinned.

Jack’s hand shot out to grasp Will’s wrist, stopping the movement. “Steady, my beauty, or I’ll spill before I get to fuck your pretty, tight arse.”

With that, he moved to kneel between Will’s legs and gently slid one finger into the tightness of the puckered opening. Will was so relaxed from his own orgasm that Jack found little resistance and was soon thrusting three fingers in and out as Will pushed back against his hand, groaning and writhing, already aroused again.

“Aaaah, Jack!” he gasped as Jack’s fingers brushed over his prostate. “Take me! Now!’

Growling in the back of his throat, Jack moved his cock to the slick opening and gently thrust forward, gasping as he was enveloped in the tight, moist heat. He paused to give his lover time to adjust.

“No, Jack, don’t wait,” Will moaned as he bucked his hips up against Jack’s. “Don’t … wait!”

Jack obliged by setting a heated pace as he pounded into the willing young flesh, feeling each ripple of muscle like a thousand fingers gripping him as Will clenched around him, trying to draw him even deeper. He slid his hand under Will, grasping the taut buttocks in his hands as he raised Will’s hips up off the mattress and changed the angle of his relentless penetration.

Will screamed as Jack’s cock slid repeatedly over his prostate, writhing and arching, throwing back his head and exposing the taut cords of muscle and tendon in his slender throat. Jack leaned forward, not letting up on his pace and corkscrewing his hips as he tasted the taut flesh offered up to his hungry lips. He could feel Will’s firm, young cock sliding against his belly as he tried to fuck his lover through the creaking bunk.

“Aaah, Jack, I’m coming!” Will screamed as his cock jerked and spurted creamy fluid over both their bellies. As he came, his internal muscles spasmed and Jack could hold on no longer.

“Aaaaah, Will, I love you!” he roared as he came, filling his lover’s tight channel with his hot seed.

They collapsed back onto the bunk, panting and gasping for breath, holding onto each other tightly as they rode out the aftershocks of their mutual orgasm. Will reached up and claimed Jack’s lips with his own. “See, my love, that was incredible. We don’t need toys or anything to make it any better.”

Jack looked down into the pleading dark chocolate orbs, and grinned as he realized why his love was so concerned.

“Yes, lovely, that was amazing. But I’m sure when you see our new toy tomorrow, you’ll agree you’ll want to use it again and again,” he chuckled, as he wrapped his arms around his sated but still nervous lover. “You are right - I don’t think it could get any better than that, but you never know. Now go to sleep,” and he dropped a kiss on the top of Will’s head before closing his own eyes and drifting off to sleep himself.

Will had a restless night, tossing and turning and wondering what was going to happen the next day. He’d been on a tour of Madame Julie’s whorehouse in Tortuga with Jack, purely out of curiosity, and some of the toys he’d seen there had seriously bothered him. Especially the ones where he’d had to ask how they were used…. No, best not to think about them. Although Jack had reassured him a little, the teasing tone and the glint in his eye made Will wonder what he was in for.

A few hours after sunrise, the Black Pearl docked in Tortuga. Will swallowed nervously. Jack had made him promise to stay in the hold while he ‘took care of business,’ and promised to tie him to the mast if he tried to peek. He tried to concentrate on the manuscript in front of him, but Jack’s parting words were going round and round in his mind.

“You’ll love it, my beauty. I promise it will make you very hot and steamed up, and leave you relaxed and limp in my arms.”

What seemed like hours later, Jack burst into the hold, grinning from ear to ear with wicked excitement.

“Come, lovely, your surprise is ready!” Will stood up, his knees trembling, and followed Jack to the top of the stairs. “Now close your eyes ….” Will felt Jack’s hand over his eyes as he was led stumbling across the deck.

“J… J… Jack, I really don’t need any toys or surprises,” he stammered as he was led through a doorway, stumbling slightly over the sill.

“Tadaaa!” Jack yelled as he took his hand away from Will’s face. Will slowly opened his eyes to see the biggest bathtub he had ever seen in his life, filled to the brim with steaming water. Floating on the surface were a scale model of the Black Pearl and a carved wooden duck.

“Told you it’d get you all hot and steamy,” Jack cackled with manic glee, capering around the cabin. “So, are you just going to stand there with your mouth open and stare at it, or are we going to try our new toy?”

Will shook his head, sputtering, “You…. You…. You…,” before diving across the room, grabbing his manic Captain around the waist and tumbling them both into the steaming tub. They surfaced, spluttering and grappling in the hot water. “I ought to drown you in this,” he gasped.

“Well, how about you fuck me in this instead?” Jack growled as his lips sought his captor’s in a blistering kiss, effectively silencing any further threats.

Hours later, the moon rose over the tranquil bay. The silence of the night was only broken by the sounds of gentle splashes and soft sighs and moans drifting across the water, punctuated every half an hour or so by a cry of, “Cabin lad! More hot water, if you please!”

The End

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