jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Amen
Author: scifichicx (scifichicx@hotmail.com)
Pairing: J/W....... VERY J/W
Rating: R (arrrr?)
Summary: He watches and adores.
Beta: Devi, my fic savior
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Special thanks to Jack and Will. Again, this most likely sounds silly, but they are the reason the fic exists.
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Into your hands I commend my spirit. Those work-roughened hands that have learned my every scar. It’s not just my body I have given you, although it is yours, and yours completely. I’ve given my heart. Whatever that means; the heart of a pirate. I’ve given my soul... which may mean even less. I’ve given my trust, which is the most precious and fragile out of all I have to give. You’ve kept them all well and held them with love and care. There were wounds along the way, it’s true. But you, my love, have healed them all.

And, oh, what you have given in return. The thought alone makes my heart light. You have given your own body. We took our time and you let me slowly claim your pristine flesh. Every new touch allowed and every new trust given wove through the tapestry of our love to strengthen it in a beautiful way. Your kiss made me weak like I never believed. My lips have known other kisses but none ever so sweet. None ever so loving or so perfect. When you kissed me, it was like being kissed for the first time.
You let my hands know you. I saw how hesitant you were at first, but I would wait forever if it was what you needed. I remember every touch, I relive them before I drift to sleep. The memories alone set me on fire. Dear God, I love touching you. I know I tell you, but I just don’t think you understand what it does to me and how it makes me feel. I love the trust you’ve given me and continue to give.

After my hands came my lips, tenderly and carefully searching your pleasure. The way you move under my tongue thrills me. When your hands find my hair I could almost purr. Every sound you make and every word you breathe tells me how you love it. Oh, my love, I’m longing for your taste again.

You let me inside you and I treasure it every time. The feel of your velvet around me makes my head spin. And to know how you want me, to feel you urging me close in that wordless plea, makes it all the more arousing. I take you. I claim you. I fuck you. I am always making love to you. There is no doubt you are mine.

You’ve given your innocence, although I can still see it in you. All was left behind when you came to sail with this pirate. Did you know you could never go back? Did you have any idea things would be this way? You would hang beside me now. I think that may frighten you or just make you sad. You may not be a pirate, but most the world sees you as one. I am sorry there are those who will miss the noble heart within you because of this.
Our love is not the kind the world is familiar with. Our bodies are the same. I wish I knew why this terrifies people so. But I am proud of what we share, let people and their empty ideals be damned. I pity those who will never truly know what love is. If this sets me to hell, then I go willingly, for the world would be too cruel and that would be where I belonged. However, I don’t think hell wants us for our love, we know it is too pure and true for hell to hold. The world calls it a sin; let me be a sinner. I only wish I could wed you proper, although I already feel I have.
You’ve given me your love and I hope I’ve treated it well. I’m always afraid I’ll do something wrong. What you deserve is complete devotion and, although it seems I waver, it is what I have given you. Please don’t let my flirtatious words and teasing glances to others be anything to cause you doubt. It’s all for show and my ‘pirate’s’ reputation. Old habits die hard, but I know you’ve seen me change.

Thank you for loving me, and truly loving me. It’s a rare and beautiful gift. I knew love for a short time, long ago. Now, with what we have and all I feel, I’m left wondering if any of that was love. Or perhaps love just isn’t a strong enough word for us. We say it all the time, but there is so much more. I feel you in my blood, in my skin and in every breath. You are etched into my spirit. You linger in my dreams.

I am yours, Will Turner. I am not ashamed to say it. I need you more than the sea. I need you more than breath. I need you. I need you. Please, scratch my skin again so I can bear the marks of your ownership. Leave those dark love bites along what belongs to you. Let my shell equal all the marks you’ve left all through me. The marks that I cherish and adore. Although I don’t have enough skin to show the patterns you’ve created or the extent of your claim on me.

I love you, my dearest. You have made my life real. You’ve given me all I need. I treasure you. I adore you. I thank you for standing by my side and holding true to all you believe in. My dear, sweet, Will. I love you with all my heart.


The pirate brushed a strand of dark hair from his lover’s forehead, tucking it behind his ear. The younger man shifted in his sleep, barely moving towards the touch he knew so well. Jack smiled tenderly and kissed Will’s brow. His thoughts, as he had watched his beloved sleep beside him, bathed in moonlight, were almost like a prayer. With a soft sigh of contentment, Jack moved a little closer, finally letting his eyes drift close. Before sleep claimed him, Jack’s lips parted, forming in a breath, a word he hadn’t spoke in long years. “Amen.”

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