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Title: All Tied Up
Author: Acantha Mardivey (blackcathollow18@yahoo.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC-17
Written for: Lolita Stardust. Request: Jack/Will on board the Pearl, first time sex, in the rigging. can be as silly as you like. R-NC-17

Beta: Vireyda Magodaly

Part 1

Will was sitting in the smithy admiring his new sword, sulking. He’d been doing that a lot lately; ever since it happened

Elizabeth, the love of his life, left him for Norrington.

He had thought that after battling un-dead pirates to save her , she would be aware of his feelings and them. She did for a while, but slowly she started to distance herself from him. They would have plans and suddenly something would come up and she would cancel. It soon became more frequent, and eventually he found out she was secretly seeing with Norrington almost every time something "came up".

It hurt him when she finally told him that it was over, and she didn’t even wait to set up arrangements for her wedding. He wasn’t invited to the wedding, most likely her fathers doing, he never did care for Will courting Elizabeth.

It had been a while since anyone had come to him for any kind of work. Once he got back from his escapades with Jack , he had gotten his own smithy. He had gotten a lot of requests for custom jobs at first, but then people started to go to Brown because of his quality work. Brown’s quality work was done by Will when he used to work there but no one seemed to see that.

So there he was, sitting on his bed thinking about his sword. His thoughts shifted to the etching of a sparrow on the blade. He was hoping that Jack would come back and maybe take him aboard the Pearl and take him away from Port Royal, he had hoped that if it ever happened to give Jack the sword as a gift.


The next day, Will awoke to knocking on the door. He walked to the door , and opened it to find what seemed to be sailors needing a bunch of swords repaired. He quickly let them in.

It turned out that they were pirates that needed to stop to get their swords fixed. Apparently they had been told that Will was the best there was and would help keep Norrington away from them.

Everyone was quite silent until Will spoke up, "I hope you don’t mind my asking, but how did you hear of me? Not many people come to me anymore and I certainly haven’t done any work for pirates."

One of the pirates said "Captain Jack Sparrow said that if we were ever near Port Royal and needed a blacksmith to come see ye."  Will mouthed an ‘Oh’ and got back to work. When he was finished the pirates looked over his work and nodded in approval. "Thank ye mate, this is all we can give ye.. if there’s anythin’ else we can do for ye jus’ let us kno’."

Will pondered on the last part of the statement as he took the small pouch with money in it. "Actually, you can do me a favor, could you possibly give me passage to Tortuga?"

The pirates nodded and told Will to be ready to leave first thing in the morning.


Will arrived in Tortuga a few days later, and decided to try and seek out Jack. That way he would know someone in the town. He searched and came up with nothing, Jack and the Pearl weren’t in Tortuga. So he decided to try and make a name for himself in Tortuga.

He went out in search of an inn , and a blacksmith shop. Unfortunately he only found an Inn as there was no work for Will in Tortuga. He ended up spending his days in a bar, drinking rum and thinking of Jack.


Part Two


A few months later , Jack and the Pearl arrived in Tortuga. Jack headed off to one of the bars.

Once he entered he was greeted by all the usual whores, as he sat down at a table with rum in hand, he noticed a head that he hadn’t seen in Tortuga ever. He studied the head and concluded that it looked familiar. He decided to go and see who this familiar head was.

When Jack got to the table he was surprised to see Will there, totally drunk. It was quite a surprise beause he never expected Will to be in Tortuga and he never expected Will to be drunk. He felt pity for the boy, so he decided add him aboard the Pearl, at least this way the whelp wouldn’t get himself into trouble. The poor boy would feel like shite in the morning, but that wasn’t Jack’s problem.

Jack guided Will to the Pearl, and led him into his cabin. As soon as Will hit the bed, he passed out.

Jack chuckled , and then looked over the boy. Gods, it had been way too long, he knew that he was in love with the boy back when they went after Barbossa to get the Pearl back. But he knew that there was no possible way that the boy returned his feelings because he was in love with Elizabeth.


Will woke with a headache, the last thing he remembered was being in the bar, but now he was lying in a bed... on a ship. He fell out of the bed and immediately into the arms of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Will looked at Jack utterly confused. He had no clue how he had gotten out of the bar, and now he was in Jack's arms trying to hold back the urge to kiss him.

Jack smirked and said, "S’ok whelp, I found ye drunk in the bar and brought ye back to the Pearl before you got yerself hurt."

Will smiled and said, "Thanks Jack"

"No problem whelp," Jack said as he walked away swishing like usual. Half out of the cabin Jack turned around and said, "Whelp, can I ask you why ye are in Tortuga in the firs’ place??"

Will sighed, "Elizabeth left me for Norrington, I had nothing left in Port Royal so I got passage to Tortuga and have been here ever since."

Jack nodded and swirled around and sauntered out of his cabin , leaving Will alone.


Jack pretty much left Will alone, for a while. But eventually Will was working like he was always part of the crew. After months, Will became first mate of the Pearl, forgetting all about his old life in Port Royal. Also keeping his feelings for Jack secret, which was rather difficult. Especially when he shared a cabin with him.

Will had come so close to kissing Jack too many times, and sharing a cabin with him wasn’t helping much. He ended up taking up residence in Jack’s cabin because the crews quarters were too crowded to fit another person and Ana Maria refused to let Will bunk with her.

So he was stuck in a room night after night, with the one person he loved with all his heart with no possibility of him returning those feelings. Or so he thought.


One night Jack woke up to hear Will talking in his sleep, and it shocked him as to what Will was saying aloud.

"No Jack don’t leave me, I love you. Please don’t leave... please."

Jack got up and walked over to Will’s bed and gently shook him awake. "Will, luv its alrigh’, dun’t worry ‘m not going anywhere," Jack said while brushing back strands of Will’s hair that had fallen in his face.

Will awoke to Jack comforting him, Will blushed he knew what he was dreaming about but what if Jack did? Gods he would be so embarrassed if Jack knew what he was dreaming about. He thoughts were interrupted when Jack leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on Wills lips.

Will looked at Jack, in amazement. Did that just happen or was he dreaming again, did Jack really just kiss him? Will brought his fingers up to his lips, he could still feel Jack’s lips on his.

Definitely not a dream!


Part 3

Jack had docked the Pearl in a secluded area, away from prying eyes. He decided to have fun with Will, oh yes, their first time would be unforgettable.

Jack led Will on deck and over toward where the moonlight hit the rigging, and started to kiss him showing no mercy. They both fought for control of the others mouth, neither one gaining it until Jack suddenly pulled away.

"Are ye sure yer ready for this luv?" Will nodded. "Now lets make this interestin’ , how about you strip and climb the rigging and we’ll try to have fun on the rigging."

Will didn’t care where they did it, as long as he had Jack inside of him

Will striped, revealing his hardened member and climbed the rigging and entwined himself in it.

Jack smiled and stripped revealing his own hardened member, he climbed the rigging and tied a rope around Will’s waist. He took out the bottle of oil, he had secured to the rope and dipped a few fingers in it.

He took his fingers and gently eased one into Wills opening, finding the sweet spot that made Will pant and arch to meet his touch after a while. He soon added another, and moved his face upwards and captured Will’s lips in a fierce kiss. While Will was trying to gain entrance into Jack’s mouth, Jack slipped another finger into Will’s opening, making Will moan into his mouth.

Jack slipped his fingers out of Will’s opening and carefully climbed down the rigging a little and took Will’s throbbing member in his mouth flicking his tongue around the opening and sucking every time getting a moan or cry from Will

"Jack ........PLEASE!" Will whined.

Jack smirked and flicked his tongue over Will’s opening again causing Will to explode into his mouth. Jack swallowed Will’s seed and took his mouth off of Will’s member.

"Jack...... Please...please" Will whined.

"Please wha?"

"Please .. I want you inside of me.

Jack smirked, he didn’t have to be told twice. He climbed up the rigging , so he had easy access to Will’s opening. He teased Will with butterfly kisses starting on his mouth and heading down Will’s stomach, stopping at his nipples and sucking on each one long enough to get a moan from Will. Then he moved up to Will’s neck and sucked on his pulse point while running a finger over the top of Will’s cock causing Will to buck his hips and grind them into Jack's.

He could feel the boy grow hard, just from his touch. He was a bit surprised when he felt Will grab his member and start stroking it , causing Jack to almost lose himself. That’s when he knew that there would be hell to pay if he didn’t enter Will soon.

"....Not so fast whelp, yer gonna make me come an’ if ye want me inside of ye then you’ll be a good boy and keep yer hands te yerself," Jack said panting Will stopped, and Jack caught his breath. He slicked up his own throbbing member and positioned himself at Will’s entrance. He slowly eased himself into Will, and noticed that Will was flinching. "Are ye ok, Will? Am I hurting ye? Should I..."

Jack didn’t even get to finish his question, because Will cut him off, "NO! Don’t stop, I’ll be alright....just please I need you inside of me"

Jack nodded and eased himself into Will all the way, and then stopped to let Will get used to him. It was Will who made the next move, he bucked his hips telling Jack that he could move. Jack slowly started to move and soon after picked up the pace. Will wrapped his legs around Jack’s waist forcing him deeper and faster into him. Jack grabbed Will’s hardened member and started pumping while the other held on the rigging.

Jack couldn’t hold on for much longer, he emptied himself into Will crying out Will’s name is in ecstacy. Will came moments later, they both collapsed into each other and kissed, oblivious to the audience they had.


Ana Maria had decided to stay in her cabin, rather than go ashore tonight. She was relaxing enjoying the peace and quiet, until she heard screaming from up on deck.

Annoyed she got up and headed up on deck to see Will and Jack shagging in the rigging. This was amusing, how much fun she would have teasing Jack about this in the morning. But for now, she would leave the lovers alone. Let them have their moment, it was about time that those two got together. If they didn’t get together soon then she was gonna lock them in her cabin and tell them to go at it or no rum. She didn’t want to force them but she wasn’t going to rule it out if they hadn’t gotten together.


Jack woke up the next morning to Will sleeping next to him in his bed. He smiled and brushed a strand of hair away from Will’ hair, it woke Will up, Jack smiled and placed a chaste kiss on his lovers lips.

"Morning luv."

Will smiled and Kissed Jack back, "I love you Jack"

"I love you too Will."

Will chuckled and snuggled into his lovers arms, forgetting the world around him. For that moment the only thing that mattered to them was each other.

Le Finis

A/N: There you go Lolita Stardust, I hope everything is to your liking. It took me forever to write. I started one version in one of my classes but then I decided that I didn’t like and started over. This is my very first NC-17 fic, so I hope ye enjoy it.

And thanks to Vree for beta-ing the fic, your comments were quite amusing. I fixed most of the crap you pointed out to me. I hope that this is better than me first version, and as I told you I was tired and was distracted by Felicia. Anyway in case I haven’t told you enough I LOVE YOU VREE!!!!!!!! *jumps and snuggles to death*

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