jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: All the Jewels Warm as Wine

Author: Blue Buick R (blue_buick_r@hotmail.com)

Pairing: J/W

Rating NC-17

Summary: Jack sees pretty flashy thing, Jack wants pretty flashy thing,
Jack gets pretty flashy thing. Which pretty flashy thing is the question.

Notes: I had a real problem coming up with a story for this assignment.
With so few restrictions and so many options, plus the entire can’t kill off
a main character clause (can’t get rid of Elizabeth THAT way!), I was
struggling with a manner in which I could get our guys together and have a
happy ending at the conclusion of the fic. I had 11 pages written at one
point and scrapped it I was so unhappy with the results. Well, here is my
second effort. Not the best work I’ve ever done but hopefully enjoyable.

Written for: Elisabeth Maloney-Keyes
Requirements: Smut (thought not necessarily PWP), a happy ending
Restrictions: No important deaths (so random minor characters can die, but
not Jack or Will, etc.), Minimal BDSM (if any)

Whenever Jack was ashore in relatively large burgs such as this one he made
an effort to keep his eyes and ears open for any and all opportunities.
There was always some manner of doo dah being held by the town money on any
given day of the week. A betrothal celebration here, a wedding reception
there, a birthing party, or a promotion, or the unveiling of a new
commissioned work of art. Honestly, you’d think these people didn’t have
anything better to do with their time.

Of course Jack didn’t mind one bit. These types of gatherings were the
perfect time to accumulate a goodly number of goo gahs one normally didn’t
get from your run of the mill sack and plunder. Jewels, and trinkets and
silverware were in abundance and while it may seem beneath such a skilled
and famed pirate captain such as Jack Sparrow to pick pockets and scam old
dames he found a certain pleasure, a je ne sais quoi, in plying some old
fashion, one to one, pilfering right under the noses of his victims. The
drawback to such adventures was that he was always forced to take a bath,
brush his hair and appropriate a suitable change of clothes. Luckily, he
very rarely visited towns which hosted such societal gatherings and was
relegated to venturing forth into civilized society maybe once a year.

Presently, he was standing in the grand hall of some old codgers bluff side
mansion. A banker if the name on the forged invitation was not mistaken.
Richard Goodman. Owned half the town and perhaps one third of the shipping
vessels in the area. No wife, nor children, or even a dog to spend his
money on. Jack would be happy to help lighten the load.

With his mass of black hair oiled and wrestled into a tight queue at the
back of his head, his beard trimmed, and his embroidered peacock blue jacket
chinked tightly at the waist, stockings and pinching buckle shoes gracing
his feet and calves, Jack was sure no one who had ever met him would
recognize him at the moment. Not to mention the atrocious upper class
British accent he was employing which no one seemed to realize was fake,
despite his numerous slips and foibles in inflection.

He’d already filled one of the many hidden pockets, sewed into the lining of
his jacket just yesterday, with all manner of goodies. There was the mother
of pearl tie pin from the decrepit old chap in the corner talking to a
plant, the sapphire and pearl brooch from the less than stunning young
maiden by the buffet who’d taken to Jack’s flirting so well she hadn’t
realized his fumble at her breast was a grab for the jewel and not a grope
at her paltry goods. Every now and again she still glanced back over at him
blushing through her freckle covered face. There was also an ivory and gold
shrimp fork or two, as well as a jade tablecloth weight he’d snagged from
the corner of the long refreshment table. Casting his eyes about the room
and the myriad of wealth he attempted to choose his next acquisition.

Just as he was about to make a run at the cloisonné snuffbox he’d seen some
old bat slip into her beaded handbag following its use, a flash of bright
reflective light caught his eye. He turned to find the source of the light
and nearly dropped his jaw in awe at what he saw. There adorning the finger
of a young man who’s back was turned to Jack was the largest, most delicious
diamond Jack had ever seen. It was the size of a large, ripe cherry, and
was carved with facets beyond count. It sparkled and twinkled and laughed
at Jack all the while, set in a wide band of deep, mellow gold. The man
who’s hand was forced to bear its weight wore a finely tailored suit coat of
chaste white with gold embroidery along the collar, trim, and wide cuffs.
He wore snug charcoal hued breeches and smart, highly polished, black boots
which hugged his calves and the turns of his fine ankles. The back of his
head was a mass of soft dark curls, and Jack could see the outline of well
formed shoulders and the slim waist of a woman under the heavy fabric of his
jacket. A fine dandy he was for sure. An easy mark if there ever was one.
Jack was certain he’d have that diamond in his grasp before the night was
out. He swore it on his good right hand.

He began by subtly followed the young man around, keeping behind him, moving
slowly, ever closer. Just as he brushed past, hand snaking out to slip the
ring off as he bumped into the lad, a slim yet iron strong hand snapped out
and grasped him by the wrist, jerking him closer. It wasn’t until he felt a
sharp point dig into his side near his kidney that he realized the boy’s
other hand held a small dagger to him, the weapon hidden from view by the
fold of his wide cuff and the angle of their bodies.

“Nice try, friend,” a deep, eerily familiar voice hissed, dark curly head
bent forward to whisper.

Jack finally got his first look at the young man’s face. Although the hair
was shorter, the skin and litter paler, and the dreadful excuse for facial
hair removed it was undoubtedly William Turner.

“Will!” Jack exclaimed in surprised, though quiet enough as not to draw any
undue attention.

Will’s hold on Jack’s wrist slackened slightly and the pressure on the
dagger point lessened to a more bearable degree. The other man leaned back
slightly and stared hard at Jack as if trying to place his face.

“Oh my God! Jack?” he finally spluttered, quickly re-sheathing his knife
under his coat. “What on earth are you doing here?”

Jack was about to open his mouth in answer when Will looked about quickly,
then dragged Jack toward the garden doors leading to the terrace. No
lanterns were lit and it was obvious no one was meant to wander outside.
Once they stepped through out into the chilly night air Jack understood why.
Closing the doors quietly behind them with a slight click, a soft glow
from inside filtered through the glass to provide the only light for them to
gaze at each other. Jack could hear the crash of the ocean below them.

“What are you *doing* here, Jack,” Will cried, hugging himself from more
Jack suspected than the cold.

“I was invited?” he attempted. His reply simply earned a quickly
terminated snort. Jack drew himself up sharply. “More to the point what
are *you* doing here, William?”

The younger man hugged himself tighter and looked away, past Jack and into
the pitch blackness towards the water.

“I live here,” he finally supplied.


“I...it’s complicated, Jack,” the younger man sighed.

Again Jack was interrupted as he was about to say something. The garden
doors opened once more, this time admitting a man in his late fifties,
greying hair cropped closely to his skull, wearing an elegant plumb coat and
black trousers, with boots identical to Will’s.

“William?” question clear in his voice as he stepped out, seeing Will’s
stance and his present company.

“Richard,” the young man smiled wanly. “I’m sorry, I just...I needed some

The older man nodded, his eyes straying to Jack.

“Oh, again, I’m sorry,” Will jumped in, stepping forward. “Richard, this

“Jonathan Smith,” Jack supplied, giving a quick bow before offering his

“Right, Mr. Smith, he’s an old friend of mine, from before...” Will trailed
off. “Anyway, Jonathan this is Richard Goodman your host for this evening.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Goodman,” Jack greeted as he endured the man’s
firm handshake. “I’d hoped to get the chance to meet you before the night
was over, and bless me William here has given me the opportunity.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, I assure you,” Goodman replied. “Any friend of
William’s is welcome here. I take it this is a complete coincidence?”

“Oh, completely,” Jack agreed. “Totally, and unequivocally a surprise I
assure you.”

“A pleasant one I hope,” the banker smiled.

“Of course!”

“And what is it that you do Mr. Smith that you merited and invitation this
soiree. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with your name.”

“He’s in shipping Richard, come to feel out the prospects I suppose,” Will

“The competition you mean?” Goodman’s eyes danced.

Jack kept his mouth shut and Will shifted nervously.

“No matter. Nothing better for business than healthy competition,” Goodman
continued. “Are you staying in town Mr. Smith?”

“Yes,” Jack said.

“Oh, then I insist you stay the night!” the older man exclaimed. “William
can show you around, set you up in a room. I’m sure you have plenty to
catch up on...besides,” he looked fondly over at Will, who continued to
stand by quietly, “William has so few friends in town, *I* would be
appreciative if you could keep him company for a while.”

“I’d be glad too,” Jack agree readily, noting the firmness in the man’s
statements, and the glaring lack of inquiry into Jack’s opinion with regards
to the entire matter.

“Excellent!” Motioning for Will to take his hand Goodman pulled the younger
man forward. “Quit the party early William; you’ve suffered enough I’d say,
show your friend Jonathan to his room.” Then he leaned down and placed a
careful kiss on one of Will’s high cheekbones. “Now get in from the cold
before you catch your death.” He nudged the young man toward the doors,
motioned Jack to follow while he brought up the rear.

Will continued in silence, looking back only once as he wove his way through
the party guests to make sure Jack was following him. So shocked and put
off by events Jack didn’t even bother to take this golden opportunity to
snatch a last little bit of pretty for his pockets.

He followed Will out of the hall, past the foyer and up a large marble
staircase to the darkened and quiet second story of the house. The halls
were close and their footsteps were muffled by thick carpet.

They finally stopped at a heavy oak door and Will turned to open the
squeakless door, ushering Jack in and moving about the cool room to light
some lamps. He then turned his attention to the fireplace. Tossing his
heavy jacket and dagger belt over onto a plush velvet chair set nearby he
crouched down to futz around with the kindling before lighting it. Jack
knew a diversionary tactic when he saw one.

“I never took you for a whore, Will,” he also knew how to respond to them as

He saw the shoulders under the fine silk shirt stiffen, but the former
blacksmith did not turn around.

“And I never took you for a petty thief, despite what you are,” the young
man riposted, and struck a match with a flare of light and a snuff of

Jack smirked, but it quickly dissipated in the wake of a weary sigh. “What
happened, Will?”

After making sure the tinder caught, Will rose to his feet and turned to
Jack, arms hanging slack at his sides, hands relaxed.

“It’s not what you think,” Will supplied earnestly. “He’s just...he’s just
a lonely man who wanted some companionship. I don’t...I mean he doesn’t
make me...” and one of his hands rose slightly, gesturing gently as a broad
shoulder shrugged. “I go to parties with him, talk to him over breakfast,
go riding or sailing. I have my own room, my own lovers if I
wish...he...he’s just lonely.”

“How did you get here at all?” Jack asked, sitting down heavily on the edge
of the wide bed, head shaking in disbelieve.

Will’s eyes clouded and his usually open faced shuttered. “Elizabeth
she...she had a ghastly accident, Jack.”

“Dead?” Jack breathed.

“No, thank God no,” Will swallowed. “She took a terrible blow to the head;
we didn’t think she’d survive, but she did. She did. But when she woke she
didn’t remember a great deal. The doctors hoped she’d regain most of what
she’d lost but it never happened, as far as I know.” He took a deep sobbing
breath and Jack was hard pressed not to rise, walk over to him and take him
in his arms. “She forgot me, Jack. Forgot the love she had for me. Her
father didn’t help matters,” Will snarled bitterly. “I tried to stay, but
after a while it was just too much to see her and that vacant, unrecognition
in her eyes. She’s probably married to a vapid noble by now, happy and

“I’m sorry, Will.”

The young man sighed. “It’s alright. I’m alright. I lived most of my life
resigned to the fact that I’d have to admire her from afar, it was a miracle
we had what we had at all...maybe it simply wasn’t meant to be.”

“And Richard Goodman?” Jack pressed.

Will smiled. “I left Port Royal, had enough to make it here. Tried to set
up a business but wasn’t making much of a go at it. Richard came across me
in town, recognized I was in dire straights I suppose and made me an offer I
couldn’t refuse at the time.”

“And now? Why do you stay?” Although looking around at the place Jack
didn’t have to wonder too hard.

Will shrugged. “He’s an honourable man, Jack. Treats me kindly. Offers
affection. That’s all I ever wanted in my life. Not riches, or a trophy
wife, or a ship. I suppose it’s simple irony that I ended up with all
this,” he gestured around the room and implied house.

“Well then,” Jack slapped his thighs. “I suppose I’ll play Mr. Smith in
shipping till the morrow and not spoil it all for you.”

“Oh, Jack, he saw right through us the moment we opened our mouths,” Will

Jack was sure his mouth was hanging open at this moment at least. “Then

“I’m guessing he thinks you’re my long lost lover, or a recent conquest I
smuggled into the party. Or perhaps he thinks you’re Jack Sparrow, a pirate,
stealing petty baubles for his amusement at a rich man’s estate.”

“Then this whole contrivance was to simply give you the opportunity to...”

“Screw like a rabbit,” Will offered with a grin. “Yes.”


Will laughed harder. “He only wants to see me happy, Jack.”

“You sure he doesn’t have an equally rich and morally upstanding friend
who’s looking for a little conversation?” Jack asked. “This is a right
good deal is what this is!”

Will ignored him, looking to the clock on the mantel instead, making for the
door. “It’s getting late; I’ll leave you to your rest.”

“Will,” Jack’s voice stopped the young man in his tracks. “Won’t your
benefactor be disappointed if you don’t take advantage of his generosity?”

Will paused, staring at the pirate intently.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying,” Jack drawled and he leaned back on his elbows on the bed.
“That we should take the cue from Mr. Goodman and screw like rabbits.”

Will just about swallowed his tongue on that one. He spluttered and gaped,
and stared at Jack with eyes as big as that diamond on his finger. Jack
allowed him to flounder for a moment before pulling the tie from his hair,
shaking it out as he pulled off his own coat, which clunked and tinkled
tellingly as he dropped it to the floor.

“You’re more than passing fair, Will, that’s obviously what drew Dick to you
in the first place. You’re also young, and a bit secluded too I think, and
someone I consider a friend despite our brief acquaintance. Now I’m here
and you’re here and we have this nice room and big comfy bed and a
dreadfully thoughtful old man downstairs rooting for our imminent
copulation. I say we oblige him in his fancies.”

“You can’t be serious!” Will proclaimed, but watched raptly as Jack toed
off his shoes and rolled down his stocking, sighing in relief at their

“Why ever not?”


“Because you don’t like men?” Jack supplied.

“Yes, exactly!” Will grasped the excuse like a drowning man, slight sheen
of sweat breaking out as he watch Jack unbutton his shirt, revealing scars
and tattoos so incongruous with his present persona.

“You’re hard,” Jack pointed out as he himself loosened the ties on his


The pirate jerked his head toward Will’s groin and watch as the young man
looked down, flushing deep red as he noticed the erection tenting his snug
trousers. He seemed at quite a loss at this point of the proceedings.

Laughing softly Jack held out his hand for Will to take, just as Goodman had
done earlier that evening. Stumbling blindly forward Will grasp the hand,
skin clammy.

“You said all you wanted was affection. I assure you I hold a very deep
affection for you William Turner,” Jack told him quietly, pulling him
further between his legs. “Now will you let me show you?”

The young man nodded dumbly, eyes apt on Jack’s fingers as he slipped each
small button from his shirt, tugging the thing off once he’d reached the
bottom. He then proceeded to tackle the front of Will’s breeches, garnering
a sharp intake of breath from the boy when he brushed his swollen flesh as
he wrestle with the ties pulled taunt by the straining muscle.

Finally he managed to undo the knot and spread the fabric enough to release
Will’s arousal. It was dark and heavy and looked rather painful, the tip
already moist. Jack murmured something inaudible, his breath ghosting over
already over-stimulated nerve endings. Will panted, reaching out without
thought for Jack’s head, hands curling tightly in his hair.

“Come on, luv,” Jack coaxed, scooting back on the bed slightly and lying
back, urging Will to crawl up over him. The young man followed, hovering
over the pirate, hands braced against the wall, eyes screwed tightly shut.

“That’s it,” Jack exhaled, pulling Will down towards his mouth, pushing
gently on his tensed muscles.

Will cried out in surprise when the wet heat of his mouth engulfed his
aching column of flesh. He thrust forward involuntarily, pulling back
quickly when he realized what he’d done. That type of hesitance would never
do. Jack wanted the boy lunging for the back of this throat, desperate and
wanting, with no regard for his partner’s own comfort; then and only then
would he be ready. He pulled back slightly.

“No worries,” he said, licking up the side of Will’s erection. “You’re not
going to hurt me,” he reassured, then proceeded to swallow the cock dangling
near his lips once more.

Bless his libidinous little heart (and other organs), it didn’t take long
for Will to become comfortable with the process. He pushed hard into the
wall with the flat of his hands, enough to make the fine, solid wood
panelling creak, hips thrusting forward into Jack’s suckling mouth. Perfect
white teeth, so rare in the working class, ravaged Will’s glistening lower
lip as the pirate’s throat closed over the head of his cock every time he
swallowed a bit of the sticky fluid leaking from the tip to coat the base of
his tongue. Jack didn’t mind at all, urging and directing the younger man’s
motions with a hand to the hip or a squeeze to the wonderfully flexing

Trailing his hand down the back of Will’s shaking thighs, dipping his
fingers into the hollows behind the knees desperately digging in to the
mattress on either side of his torso, Jack’s fingers halted their
progression when he felt them brush the tops of Will’s boot encased calves.
He smiled wickedly around his mouthful, the variation in muscle contraction
surrounding Will’s cock causing the younger man to huff in surprised, and
plunge down into Jack’s face just a little bit harder. If the sudden pitch
in Will’s whine was any indication the boy was close.

Moving one hand up to gently cup and squeeze the sack rubbing up against his
chin, Jack could feel its tightness. The inspection not only gave him a
good indication of how imminent Will’s impending orgasm was, but it also
serve to drive the lad to further distraction. The whine transformed into a
snarl mid note, and the diamond ringed hand snapped down to clutch at the
pirate’s head, holding him in place. He was there. Jack stopped sucking.

Maddened, Will’s hand tightened further, his hips nudged forward insistently
as if this downward pressure would spur Jack into renewing his efforts. The
pirate could feel, and taste, the fluid seeping from Will’s erection as it
fell onto his tongue. The entire entreaty was accompanied by a cry of
outrage which outshone any indignant outburst Jack had ever heard William
Turner make; and he’d heard a good many, if he did say so himself.

When no further suction was provided, Will looked down to Jack, sweat
dripping from the curling fringes of hair around his face. “Why did you...”

Jack squeezed his handful once more to silence the boy, and pulled off the
heated cock.

“I’ve much better plans for this, Will,” he informed the other man, pushing
Will’s erection aside slightly with his nose. “Come along now,” he said as
he took the other man by the hips and eased him back until he was sitting
across his pelvis.

“Now dear, William, you’re going to remove these breeches of mine and yours
then proceed to roger me good and proper. Do we have an accord?” Ah the
direct approach; not something Jack usually put stock into but in certain
situation, such as one’s tackle getting ready to split like an overcooked
sausage say, it was the best way to go.

“What was wrong with what we *were* doing,” Will complained, although Jack
noticed he rose slightly to grapple Jack out of his pants all the same.

“Rabbits don’t suck cock all that much I would imagine,” he replied
earnestly, eyes twinkling with a new fire as he watched Will struggle out of
his boots (a pity as Jack had been rather fond of that look), and slip the
rest of the way out of his own trousers without moving from his position
over Jack.

“Rabbit’s don’t really fuck members of their own sex either, Jack,” Will
offered as he eased further back, Jack’s erection dragging over the cleft of
his buttocks as he moved down to kneel between Jack’s quickly, and
involuntarily, spreading legs.

Jack hissed and shook his head. “Shows what you know. Degenerate little
bastards will hump anything that moves. Will eat their babies too, seen it
with my own eyes I did.”

“Then let us cease the rabbit analogy, shall we?” Will tutted as he leaned
over Jack to reach for something on the side table. “I don’t think I want
to be eating any babies.”

“I’ve been known to eat a baby or two myself,” Jack denounced, as he nipped
at a nipple much to close to him for sanity’s sake. “Or so I hear.”

Will chuckled, the sound doing things to Jack’s neither regions he didn’t
think was possible without a tongue up his arse.

Having found what he was looking for Will settle back between Jack’s knees,
holding aloft a small crystal bottle, the firelight gleaming against it,
bouncing off it’s surface to mingle with those shimmers emanating from
Will’s ring.

“It’s perfumed oil, a little thin, but I think it will do,” Will explained
to Jack as he pulled out the stopper and the heavy scent of roses teased
their nostrils.

Jack groaned dramatically and tossed a forearm over his eyes. “We’ll be
smelling like a Louisiana whore house!”

That chuckle again, and this time the clenching came not only from the sound
but from the easing of one of Will’s slim fingers, amply oiled, up into his
body. The boy obviously kept up his sword practice because the telltale
calluses were present on the finger which rubbed and scraped across Jack’s
sensitive inner lining delectably. After some slight exploration a second
finger joined in, the smell of roses and arousal thick about them.

When Will finally took pity on Jack’s restlessly squirming body and crooked
his fingers to press unerringly onto his pleasure center (Jack was sure the
little bastard had known all along where the damn thing was and had simply
been torturing his poor pirate lover) he arched back as if he’d been shot,
pressing back onto the fingers and spitting out harshly.

“Enough, enough, get the fuck in there you little...”

His last word was muffled as Will darted forward and pressed his mouth to
Jack’s, lips clinging wetly as he pressed harder up into him and against his
gland. Jack was glad for the smothering kiss for it captured and held most
of his howl, saving Jack’s pride to some extent, and probably averting a
scare for the guests downstairs.

Will sat back with a swipe of his tongue across Jack’s lower lip, easing his
fingers out and pulling Jack’s suddenly useless legs up around his rib-cage.
The pirate was so primed, so open, that Will had little trouble easing the
flared head of his cock past the guarded ring of muscle. The rest simply
slid in like a body into a warm bath.

Just like that he had muscle control again. Jack’s legs tightening against
the side of Will’s torso as he felt the lad’s cock slide past the little
bundle of nerves deep inside, sighing in contentment when the other man
bottomed out and rested against him for a moment, both of them breathing

Once comfortable, the pirate laid his head back further into the mattress
and pushed back against Will. “Once more unto the breach, me boyo,” he
pronounced, taking hold of Will’s uppers arm, readying for a good pummel.
Especially after *that* particular line.

“That’s,” Will mutter through clenched teeth as he slipped back out, pausing
at the cusp of completely abandoning Jack’s body, “terrible!” And he thrust
down sharply, promptly setting a heavy, pounding rhythm, buffeting Jack into
the bedclothes, and forcing the pirate to clench his hands around his arms
tight enough to leave bruises and little blooms of blood beneath his nails.

Jack felt like a steel rod sheathed in silk was being rammed up inside him,
his partner moving so deeply that all rational though was being shoved out
the top of his head never to return. They strained against each other like
this for a while, but judging by the state Will was in before Jack had put a
stop to the fellatio he was certain the boy wouldn’t last too long. A good
thing too because Jack wasn’t sure how long he, or his arse, could take this
particular pace.

Thankfully, as predicted, a few deep strokes later Will’s hips twisted
sharply, disrupting the metre of his fucking, and he spent himself into Jack
with a soft grunt. Despite the strain in his lower body the boy’s face
seemed almost slack with shock, relaxed, soft and to Jack as beautiful as
anything he’d managed to poach that evening. He collapsed onto the pirate,
allowing Jack’s legs to straighten, slipping out in the process. Will
pressed his glowing face in the center of Jack’s breastbone, his heaving
breaths hot and humid against Jack’s own slick skin.

“Thank you,” he murmured.

“My pleasure,” Jack returned somewhat trained. “Well, not really my
pleasure, since I haven’t had my pleasure yet, but would very much like to
have it, if you catch my meaning,” he babbled as he pushed his hips up, his
absolutely desperate hardness sliding up against Will’s stomach.

“Mmmm,” Will replied, pushing himself up with one shaky arm to look down at
Jack. “I know what would be your pleasure, Jack,” he whispered
conspiratorially. “Known it since you brushed up against me in the great

“Oh?” Jack asked confused; he wasn’t firing with a full complement at the
moment after all.

“Oh, yes, indeed,” Will informed him, reaching down to slide off the diamond
ring from his finger to hold it out only inching from Jack’s face. The
pirate ended up crossing his eyes as they both remained riveted to the
stone. He could feel a new sheen of sweat break out on his body.

Will then proceeded to take five years off of Jack’s life as be leaned
towards the jewel, almost nose to nose with Jack, bringing the gold band
close to his lips and slithering his tongue out to thrust through the center
of the ring. Jack was sure he’d explode then and there. In and out the
limber tongue moved slowly, oh so slowly, through the ring, slicking both
gold and diamond with saliva. This manoeuvre went or for some time, Will
moaning and humming all the while until at one point, when the tip was
through the ring, he pulled both tongue and jewel back to disappear into his

Raising himself to retrieve the precious gem with his own mouth and tongue,
as he suspected was Will’s intention, Jack frowned in bewilderment as the
young man withdrew from him, winked, and grinned wickedly before he ducked
down to take Jack’s cock into his mouth. No lips were present to muffle his
howl this time.

Pounding his fists into the bed, Jack crammed himself further into that
seductive fire, feeling Will manipulate both his flesh and the large ring
until the monstrous diamond was positioned between Will’s limber tongue and
the crease around the head of Jack’s cock. The pirate knew he couldn’t
thrust or he might well pushed the ring down Will’s throat. The boy would
either choke on it or they’d have to wait a day or two for its retrieval,
not at all a pleasant endeavour, Jack knew from personal experience.
Therefore he was forced to suffer through Will’s gentle sucking, his laving
tongue, and the continuous pressure of the diamond pressing against the
sensitive head of his erection. He’d never been so desperate to spill
himself in his life.

In the end, it was Will’s butterfly like fingers brushing over Jack’s balls
which put him out of his misery. He forced himself to pull back as he came
to counteract the urge to thrust forward, giving Will a good mouthful in the

Jack watched totally wrecked as Will pulled off him, darting a quick finger
into his mouth to pull out the ring, the diamond milky with Jack’s seed.
Will made a show of swallowing hard and held out the ring for Jack, who took
the hint and leaned forward to lick off the excess, tasting himself, the
gold of the band, and whatever tasteless essence was contained in diamonds.
He could see Will’s eyes dilate as he scrutinized him, black as the midnight

They sat there across from each other for a moment, sweat cooling on their
bodies, heart rates slowing, before Jack quirked and eyebrow. “You sure now
what a man likes, William; I’ll give you that.”

Will smiled. “Not hard to guess with you, Jack; you’ve been drooling over
the thing all night.”

Jack contemplated this for a moment before sitting back against the wall,
pulling Will with him to curl up against his chest. “Will you come with
me?” he asked.

Will sighed. “No, no I can’t. Richard needs me. I have a good life here.
Maybe someday though.” He paused. “You could come and visit,” he suggested

“As often as I can,” Jack agreed, running his hand through still damp curls.
“You’re long lost lover no longer lost. Besides, I might like to retire
one of these days, before the noose or a rival retires me first. Find
myself a handsome young man to keep me company in my quiet years.”

Will pulled back surprised. “You. Give up pirating and the Pearl.”

Jack shrugged. “Never had anything to quit for I suppose. And who said I’d
give up the Pearl. We could sail the world, visit strange lands, spend all
my ill gotten treasure.”

Will stared intently at him, eyes wide and glittering, then rested back
against him. “Trade in one lonely old man who spoils me rotten for another?
Sounds like a capital deal.”

Jack smiled warmly, wandering mind making plans for the future. He would be
taking extra trips ashore, more than once a year that was for sure. Perhaps
every other hour!

“Until then, though,” Will declared holding up the diamond ring between his
index and forefinger for Jack to see. “A reminder.”

Jack took the ring; it’s ample weigh settling comfortably in his hand. His
wide, satisfied smile flashing. Not exactly how he’d planned to get it
there, but it would do, it would do.

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