jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Alcohol Induced Sabbatical
Author: kHo (khohen1@bellsouth.net)
Pairings: J/W, W/J/E
Rated: NC-17, though not porn talk
Summary: It crept up on her slowly that the feelings she was having watching them were of a somewhat naughty nature. She found herself fidgeting in her chair a bit as Will leaned against Jack with a wide smile on his face and Jack winked at him in what seemed to be a private way.

Notes: Title and line in story lovingly inspired by lowercase-k's Sports Night story, Confetti: "Whatever alcohol induced sabbatical Casey had decided this was, he seemed determined to make it something to remember."

They were drunk. All three of them, drunk like they'd never been before. Though, probably that wasn't strictly true. Jack had always been drunk, just a little bit. Drunk, perhaps, like they'd never been in front of each other then. Jack was laughing, his arm thrown around Will's shoulder as the younger of the two bent forward trying to catch his breath. Elizabeth watched from the side, enjoying the sight of her husband so carefree.

Earlier in the evening, as they'd sat in their backyard drinking rum and ale, Elizabeth had been part of the conversation. They talked of adventures they'd been on, and they talked of adventures they would go on in the future. As the night descended on them though she'd began to grow tired and was content to lean back in her chair and merely watch her two favorite men talk amongst themselves.

Neither of them excluded her, not on purpose anyway. They'd brought her into the conversation any number of times, but each time she'd taken herself back out, returning to the role of watcher instead of speaker. By the time night had fully settled they'd all but given up on bringing her back in, instead talking more and more exclusively to each other.

When she got up to go to the bathroom and returned to find they'd not missed her at all, she thought she should have been insulted. She'd sat down and listened idly to their conversation and found she wasn't in the slightest. There was something particularly engaging in the way the two spoke to each other. There was never a moment of silence, and nearly every sentence ended in a laugh of genuine affection from both.

Jack appeared to be as drunk as Will was, but there were times when he'd look at one of them when he looked almost stone-cold sober for a moment. More often then not, it was Will he was looking at when his smile faded slightly, and his hand found a way to wind into her husband's hair. Sometimes he'd lick his lips, or bite them ever so slightly, before smiling again and joining back in the exuberant and cheerful merriment.

It crept up on her slowly that the feelings she was having watching them were of a somewhat naughty nature. She found herself fidgeting in her chair a bit as Will leaned against Jack with a wide smile on his face and Jack winked at him in what seemed to be a private way. A heat began to work up her body as she suddenly began thinking that the two of them made quite the pair. She found herself picturing the two of them unclothed, touching in the same way they touched now, and it nearly took her breath away.

If she hadn't been drunk, she never probably would have screwed up the courage to blurt out her mental image. Will had looked at her in astonishment, but to her surprise Jack had looked at her with a nearly evil glint in his eye. 'Us two,' he said, gesturing between himself and Will as he snaked an arm around Will's neck. 'Naked?'

She'd nodded, feeling the blush forming on her cheeks as she looked down and shrugged. 'Just came unbidden into my mind,' she'd said, giggling slightly as she raised another glass of ale to her lips, welcoming the distraction. 'It wasn't entirely unpleasant though,' she ventured after a few moments of silence, watching Jack watch her husband as he looked at the table in a rather studious way. 'Quite the opposite actually.'

Will remarked with a shy smile that perhaps Elizabeth had had too much to drink, drumming his fingers on the table. Jack's smile had widened and his hand drifted up to begin combing through Will's hair, causing the blush that had appeared on Will's face to spread a bit more rapidly. 'Seems to me she's had just enough,' he'd said softly, eyes trained solely on Will. 'I think you've maybe had not enough.'

Will's eyes lifted slowly to meet Elizabeth's, pleading with her to break the uncomfortable silence that ensued after that. She watched as Jack brushed the back of his fingers down Will's throat and bit her lip as she saw her husbands eyes close as he involuntarily shuddered. 'Have another drink, Will,' she'd ventured, shoving her nearly full glass of ale towards him, shifting her eyes to meet Jack's amused gaze.

Jack's finger twirled a strand of Will's hair as the younger man's hand shook the glass with his nerves, brining it up to his lips and taking a rather large gulp. He coughed it down and laughed, ducking his head and peering back up at Elizabeth. 'It's late,' he said, glancing up at their house. 'Perhaps we should retire.'

'Is that what you had in mind, Elizabeth,' Jack asked with a glint in his eyes as he looked at her. 'To retire to your boudoir?' Will's eyes widened and the blush deepened, causing Elizabeth to giggle slightly. He tried to stutter out an excuse for his wording, but Jack leaned forward and kissed the base of Will's neck before he got the sentence out. 'Cause I think,' he said, teeth scraping over Will's neck tendon. 'She meant something more along the lines of this.'

When Will said Jack's name, he most likely meant for it to be an admonishment. It came out little more than a sigh though, and it caused Elizabeth to stir in her chair yet again. His eyes drifted shut and his fingers clutched at the wooden table before him as Jack's teeth scraped once again over his neck, the pink tongue flicking out to lick at the reddening flesh. 'Jack, don't,' he said, once again sounding more like a sigh than a true objection.

She watched as Jack's hand rose to grip Will's hair, winding his fingers into it and pulling harshly back, biting rather sharply into Will's neck as he did. Will let out a muffled grunt and she felt herself become moist. 'Kiss him,' she found herself saying, a hand rising to pull the hair off of her shoulders, suddenly feeling beyond hot. 'Jack, kiss him.'

Will's eyes flicked once more to hers, lust darkening them before they shut again. Jack smiled at her and sat up, bringing a finger to Will's chin and turning his face towards him. 'Shall we do what the wife asks, love,' he whispered huskily, licking his lips as Will's eyes slowly drifted open to look at him. 'You up for a pirate's kiss, Will?' Will scarcely had time to nod his head before Jack lips descended upon his, his mouth opening immediately to plunge into Will's mouth, eliciting another guttural moan.

Almost as if by a will of their own Elizabeth's legs moved apart and her hand found its way to her lap, drifting over her dress and between her thighs. She watched as Will's hand fumbled forward to grab onto Jack's shirt, pulling him forward across the bench with the strength that she'd always found his most favorable quality. Jack let out a surprised grunt followed by a low groan as their kiss intensified, tongue winding with tongue.

Jack's fingers began nimbly unbuttoning Will's shirt, having it undone and off in a matter of moments. Next he began working on Will's pants, hesitating only momentarily for Will to protest. When he didn't he jerked Will closer to him, sliding forward and grinding his hips into Will's. Will began fumbling with Jack's shirt, Jack's hands joining him to make the work quicker. Soon Jack's shirt was discarded to the side by Will's and rough blacksmith hands felt their way around scarred pirate skin as if it were metal waiting to be smelted.

She propped a leg up on the side of her chair, licking her lips as she began to caress herself through the thin fabric of her dress, unable to wait any longer. Will was making the sound in the back of his throat the way he always did when she did something that particularly excited him, and Jack's echoed grunts were unfamiliar and new to her ears, but not at all unpleasant.

She could just barely see when Jack's hand found its way into Will's pants, but knew that he had when Will broke the kiss off with a low growl, leaning his head onto Jack's shoulder as he stiffened.

'Relax, love,' the pirate growled just loud enough for both of them to hear, his eyes flicking quickly towards Elizabeth, his grin widening when he saw her state of arousal. 'S'posed to feel good,' he continued, turning his head and biting again into Will's tender flesh. 'Do what feels right-- touch me, Will.' He rose his free hand to grab one of Will's, bringing it up to his face and sucking one of Will's fingers into his mouth, smiling around it as Will shuddered violently against him.

'Jack,' Will grunted in panted breaths. 'Jack slow down,' he said, biting down hard on his lip. His hand lowered to Jack's, stilling it slightly. He opened his eyes and looked directly into Jack's, running his hand over Jack's leg to his crotch, licking his lips before delving his hand beneath the top of the fabric. 'Same time,' he whispered hoarsely. 'I want us to come at the same time.'

Elizabeth wasn't sure whose surprised groan was louder, hers or Jack's. She quickly gathered up her skirt, slipping her hand beneath it and into her underwear, vaguely aware that the two of them had completely forgotten she was even there. She bit her lip and tried to keep silent, unwilling to break whatever alcohol induced sabbatical had her husband so entranced by Captain Jack Sparrow at this moment.

She'd never thought of Jack as the whimpering kind, but when Will wound a hand into his hair and pulled him forward quickly, crushing his mouth to his, he'd positively whimpered. As Will began to time his thrusts to Jack's, they both became more vocal. Will stuttered a 'fuck,' which caused Jack to reciprocate with a groan of his own, which led to Will saying it again, and it all led up to Elizabeth nearly biting a hole through her tongue as she struggled to remain quiet.

When Will's body tensed up and he began gasping, that's when you knew he was about to spend himself. His face screwed up in the most adorable rabbit face Elizabeth had ever seen on anyone, and he let out no fewer than five gasps before collapsing on top of her. He got out the first two before Jack pulled his head forward again and wound his tongue violently with his as they simultaneously crashed together. Jack's call is what did her in. A low guttural repeated rasping, punctuated by Will's gasping sighs, brought her over the edge, finally allowing herself to cry out as she fell over the edge.

It was a few moments before she could control her breathing again and open her eyes. She was surprised to see the two men groping once again at each other, mouths pressed together in another passionate kiss. She frowned to herself and leaned forward, calling to Will. He didn't hear her so she stood, walking closer and calling again. He paid her no heed, groaning into Jack's mouth as Jack's hands wound in his hair, tugging lightly.

'Oh no you don't,' she said, walking around the table and standing before the two oblivious men. 'Not again,' she said, taking both of them by the hair and physically ripping them apart. 'Not with out me, at least,' she said, feeling herself began to quiver again as she was sucked into the lust echoed in both sets of brown eyes.

Jack's hand rose to her side, pulling her closer as Will's hand reached up to grab her by her neck. Will pulled her down to kiss him, winding his tongue with hers as she tasted the rum and smoke of both men mixing together in a hazy potion. Jack's hands roamed her body as Will claimed her mouth, reaching up underneath her flowing skirts and skating over the naked flesh that still throbbed from her very recent orgasm.

'Inside,' Will said, standing suddenly and taking her by her hair, pulling her flush against his side and kissing her with a firey passion he usually reserved for times he returned home to her after a week's business trip for the Smithery. He looked down at Jack and held out a hand, grabbing Jack's wrist and yanking him up perhaps a bit too fast. Jack fell into Elizabeth and laughed lightly, peering up at Will. 'We're going inside,' Will said, licking his lips and looking between his wife and his former Captain.

'Aye,' Jack said, a brilliant smile playing over his face. 'Inside it is then, love.'

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