jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: After Rum, Will Turner

Author: Rachael Sabotini (rachael@mediafans.org)

Website: http://www.mediafans.org/rachael/

Pairing: J/W

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The Black Pearl has no rum, and Will is sent to check on Jack.

Warnings: none

Written for the Jack/Will ficathon. Request by Spooon. Actual challenge listed at the end of the story

Disclaimer: No money made, no harm intended. This story is not meant to
infringe on anyone's copyright and could be thought of as 'open source'

Thanks to Alexfandra, for looking it over right after the first draft
was done, and Sparrowhawk for the final beta. All mistakes are my own.

Will pounded on the door to the Captain's cabin. "Jack! Are you alive
or dead in there?"

Anamaria gestured at him to go in, and Will sighed. He'd drawn the
short straw, and both she and Gibbs had come along to make sure he
followed through and dragged Jack on deck. Jack hadn't been seen since
the rum had run out two days ago, and the crew was getting nervous.
They still had some of the sheep they'd taken aboard at their last port
of call -- Anamaria had said she would kill someone if she had to eat
more salted pork -- and they'd tried to make the rum last, but it had
finally reached the point where they only had the water left. Will was
half-mad himself from the boredom, and the crew was making bets on
whether the depravation had driven Jack insane.

Not that anyone would notice, of course. But it was the principle of
the thing.

Anamaria gestured more rudely this time, and like a prisoner to the
hangman's noose, Will stepped inside. The door slammed shut behind him.

Will gulped. The cabin was in total disarray, and smelled vaguely of
old sweat and alcohol. Pillows lay scattered across the floor, the
furniture upended, trunks open and their contents scattered from one
side to the other. Against his better judgment, Will started picking a
path through the contents, righting the furniture and picking up a
silken scarf, a wooden plate, and a flowered ceramic pisspot along the

On the other side of the room, near the bed, Jack was tearing through
the piles of clothing around him, picking things up and tossing them
aside in a frenetic fashion. He was half-dressed -- shirtless and
bootless and his hair even more tangled than normal. There was a wild
look in his eye, and Will decided to approach with caution. A sober
captain was an unnatural thing.

"Hello, Jack," he said cautiously. "What are you looking for?"

"I've lost it. " Jack grabbed Will's arm and pulled him down onto the
floor. "You have to help me find it."

"If you pick up a bit, I'm sure we can find…whatever it is."

"Maids clean. Pirates loot and sack," Jack growled, looking rather
predatory and debased. The kohl around his eyes was smeared, and his
skin gleamed, dark and vibrant, in the afternoon light. The look
kindled a fire low in Will's stomach, sending a shiver up his spine.
Jack was seductive, no matter what his mood, and Will wished once again
that Jack would show some interest in him.

Avoiding those dangerous thoughts, Will folded up the first thing he
touched, a damask comforter embellished with peacocks. "If we neaten
this up," Will said, "it'll be easier to find."

"I find things all the time." Jack held up a silver candlestick.
"Lovely, isn't it?"

Will looked it over carefully. "Excellent craftmanship. This line,
here, " he slid his fingers over the flowers engraved on it, "is
particularly difficult." His fingers touched Jack's in a near-caress,
and Will looked up hopefully.

"Yes, but it's not what I'm looking for." Jack tossed it aside and dug
further into the pile.

Will set the comforter down and started on the next item at hand, a
series of shirts and vests that had once belonged to someone much
larger than Jack. "What are you looking for anyway?"

"A greenish bottle. About yea big," Jack held his fingers about three
inches apart, "with a silvery stopper in it."

"Is it -- laudanum?" That would make sense, given that they had no rum.
Jack must keep some for just such an emergency.

Jack shook his head 'no.' "Sheep's oil, mate. The ambergris of the
plains." He nodded off to Will's left. "I use it on me boots."

"Your boots?" Will turned, and noticed a large pile of footwear,
including Jack's boots.

"It's to keep the water from soaking through. Here." Jack pressed the
boots into Will's hands. "It'll crack otherwise, and I don't want to
lose my best pair."

"Ah." Will couldn't think of what else to say. Like so many of his
interactions with Jack, there came a time when he was completely at sea
over what the man said. He stared down at his feet instead, and noticed

A green bottle with a silver stopper, with some sort of thick liquid
inside. "Is this it?"

"Yes!" Jack lurched over piles of cloth to grab the bottle, knocking
Will to the ground. "That is exactly what I was trying to find." He
threw his leg over Will, so that he was straddling Will's crotch,
leaned in, and kissed him.

Will was completely taken by surprise. He pressed his hands against
Jack's shoulders, intending to push him off, only his hands didn't
exactly cooperate. Instead, he pulled Jack in closer, and pressed his
lips more firmly against Jack's, opening his mouth and letting Jack

By god, he had been waiting forever for this, and he wasn't about to
give it a pass.

Now it was Jack's turn to pull back, but he didn't look puzzled.
"Will," he drawled, sending a shiver up Will's spine, "You've been
holding out on me." He ground himself against Will's hardened cock. "I
would have had you in here a long time ago if I'd've known."

Will groaned and thrust up into Jack. "I thought you didn't--"

Jack gave him a look that made Will's whole body flush, and he shut up.
It had been a very stupid thought.

"No use going to strangers for what you can get at home." Jack slid
his hands up Will's chest and started undoing the fastenings, revealing
Will's paler skin. He tugged the shirt off over Will's head expertly,
then ran his fingers over Will's chest.

"You have a breadth to you, don't you, lad." Jack leaned down, his
breath warming Will's skin and lightly licked the base of Will's neck,
making Will gasp. "You know what you're wanting here, right mate?"

"I should think so," Will said softly, and captured Jack's lips in
another kiss. This one wasn't the first enthusiastic press of dry lips
or Will's desperate, open-mouthed kiss from a moment before, rather
this one was long and sensual, and made Will squirm with the need to
get even closer to Jack.

Only Jack pulled away at last. "It seems like you do." Jack grinned at
him, his eyes still wild, but glowing now with inner mirth. He pressed
his hand against the placket of Will's pants, and Will soon found
himself lying naked on the clothing piled on the floor. "Here lad,"
Jack said, pulling the stopper off of the bottle and dribbling the
room-temperature liquid onto Will's stomach, where it pooled in the
hollow of his stomach and belly-button. He popped the stopper back in,
and then set the bottle carefully on the floor. "It's not just for
boots." He slid his finger into the pooled liquid, covering them, then
slid them down between Will's legs.

Will took a deep breath, trying to make himself relax. He shifted a
bit, spreading his thighs slightly, and some of the oil slid off him
onto the comforter. He was trembling -- this part was hard for him --
and Jack laid a gentle hand on his chest.

"Relax, luv. Let me do the work." His hair drifting into the oil pooled
on Will's skin, Jack licked the length of Will's cock, stroking it with
his right hand, his tongue flicking out to lick the top slit, and then
slid down over the knob; it felt so good, Will couldn't even think. He
could only breathe, and gasp and thrust himself up to try and get more
of that incredible hot wet feeling.

And when he did, Jack slid the fingers of his other hand inside.
"That's it. Just relax." He thrust and twisted while he sucked, and
Will groaned. It felt so damned good.

Then the thrusting stopped, and Will blinked, realizing that at some
point he must have closed his eyes, to better enjoy the sensation. He
didn't know when Jack had shed his pants, and frankly, he didn't care.
Jack arranged some of the pillows on the floor, and had Will lay down
on top of them.

"Used to be I would have had you over a water barrel, but this will
have to do." Jack lay down across Will's back, his weight pressing Will
into the cushions and floor. He licked Will's shoulder, and Will
gritted his teeth, hissing out again as Jack bit down a moment later.
He switched shoulders, licking and sucking, his weight splayed across
Will's back, this skin sliding roughly against Will's. He was murmuring
something, but Will didn't understand what he was saying; it might have
been French, or even Chinese. Will pressed back against Jack, hoping he
would take the hint, but Jack flicked his fingers over Will's cock,
then nipped at his neck again.

"Jack, go in!" Will snapped. He felt taut as a bow line, and he wasn't
feeling particularly patient.

Jack bit him again. "Go where, mate?"

"Go in. Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me. "

"I was waiting for you to ask." He slid in, and Will groaned. It hurt,
and it didn't, and there were a thousand things going on inside of him,
but that didn't matter as Jack was in him, and Jack's hands were
squeezing and pulling his cock. He was completely surrounded by Jack,
within and without, Jack's hair surrounding his face, Jack's breath on
his neck, Jack's sweat on his back.

He came hard and fast; Jack took his time and came long after.


Anamaria was waiting outside the door for them, her arms crossed in
front of her chest, her knives ready and available. Will was sure she'd
been waiting there just to make sure he didn't try to escape.

"You ain't dead," she said to Jack.

"Uh, no."

"And you ain't either." She nodded at Will.

"Sorry," Will said.

"Fine. You're both on galley duty." She spun on her heels and stomped
off toward the forecastle. "See that you have dinner ready in another
two bells."

"What are we cooking?" Jack yelled after her.

"Mutton," she called out at them. "Mutton today, mutton tomorrow, and
mutton every day until we either reach port or the last of those damn
sheep are dead."

Will nodded solemnly as she headed back to the helm, not wanting to
anger her further, while Jack quietly nestled up to him and whispered,



Challenge: Ooooh, uh.... Jack on top. And lubricating Will with the
oil he uses to waterproof his boots. That part's important. Mention
the boots. But please try not to dwell on them too much.

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