jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: 50/50
Author: Agarwaenloth (agarwaenloth@yahoo.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ficathon2 story for Spooon. Derived from a PotC comic that ends with Jack and Will stuck together in an empty treasure chest waiting for the cursed pirates to run out of cannonballs. Comic and request (which will probably help you make more sense of the story) can be found at www.geocities.com/spooon/jwficathon.html.

“How many cannonballs do you reckon they have?” Will asked as yet another blast was heard from the ship.

“Hopefully not many. This is not the most comfortable of positions,” Jack stated.

“Well, it was *your* idea,” Will pointed out. “And if you hadn’t of drug me up that damn cliff, got me to spend all of that damn time opening this damn chest, we wouldn’t be in this damn situation.”

“I’ll admit, it weren’t one of me best ideas, but no worries, luv, they’re bound to run out of cannonballs soon.”

Another blast from the ship caused Will to look at Jack dubiously. “And when they do? How the hell are we going to get out of here?”

“Must you question everything?”

“In other words, you don’t know.”

“Whelp, I’m Captain Jack Sparrow! Of course I know! I know everything!”

“And that’s why you needed *my* help to open this chest in the first place, right?”


The chest gave a violent lurch as a cannonball hit the side of it. Will was suddenly thrown even closer to the pirate captain next to him. Their bodies press together tantalizingly and they both moaned softly.

A thought popped into Will’s head at random. He smiled coyly. Jack, seeing his smile in the dim light, raised an eyebrow. “Wha’s in yer head, whelp?”

Will’s smile broadened. “I just realized that I need to collect my promised 50 percent.”

“What are ye talking ‘bout, Will? The only thing this in this chest is— oh.” Jack’s confusion quickly turned to pleasure as Will managed to wriggle his hand down Jack’s pants and pulled his cock. As Will continued his ministrations, Jack began to groan in ecstasy. Before he could lose himself, Jack pulled Will’s hand off of him.

“I believe there is a better way for us both to get our equal share,” he said with a feral grin. He pulled Will to him and crushed their mouths together. Will moaned into the kiss. Jack’s hand snuck down and deftly untied the laces of Will’s pants.

“Jack,” Will panted, by now painfully hard. “There’s no room.”

“Don’t worry, luv, I’ll make it work.”

Somehow, Jack managed to help Will out of his pants. He slowly pushed one digit into his lover’s entrance.

“Ah! Jack! More!” Will begged, writhing on his hand.

Jack smirked and added another finger. He started to scissor his fingers and curled them suddenly, getting a mewl from Will at the motion.

“Jack, I can’t wait anymore! Please!”

Jack immediately withdrew his fingers and drew Will onto his lap, using all his maneuvering skills in the tight space. Taking a hold of Will’s hips, he slammed his lover down hard on his cock.

Will cried out and paused for a moment to adjust to Jack’s girth. Then, knowing Jack couldn’t move in the position he was in, he began to rock his hips as much as he could, with Jack hitting his the bundle of nerves that drove him wild with every shallow thrust.

He came hard without his cock ever being touched. He rode out his orgasm and felt Jack spill his seed deep inside of him. He collapsed onto Jack and lay his head on his shoulder, breathing hard.

“You see,” he breathed. “Sharing can be quite enjoyable.”

Jack gave a tired snort of laughter. “I think I prefer to only be sharing with you in that way.”

“You had better,” Will warned playfully.

“Oh, and what would you do if I didn’t?” Jack inquired.

“I might just have to…punish you.” Will pushed his hips forward as he spoke, feeling Jack’s cock begin to harden again inside of him.

“Would you now?” Jack asked, barely coherent.

“Yes, I would,” Will said before pulling back and slamming forward again. By then, they were both painfully hard again. Jack suddenly grabbed Will’s hips and set an extremely rapid and rough pace. They both panted and groaned appreciatively with each thrust. They came together for the second time that night.

Will fell limply onto Jack, clearly exhausted.

“I’d pull out of ye,” Jack whispered, “but I don’t have the energy.”

“Just stay,” Will stated.

They sat there, Will in Jack’s lap, dozing contently, both sated and completely wiped out.



“How *are* we going to get out of this chest?”

“Go to sleep, luv. We’ll think about that tomorrow.”

* * * * *

Ana Maria watched as the cursed pirates pelted the ledge Jack and Will were on with cannonballs. “Gibbs! Get a move on! The captain’s in trouble!”

“What else is new?” Gibbs grumbled, half-asleep, before turning over and dozing off again.

“Get yer lazy ass up and help me prepare the crew! NOW!”

With much grumbling from Gibbs, they managed to get the crew ready and blast the accursed pirates with their own cannonballs. When the aforementioned pirates felt that tormenting their former captain wasn’t worth the effort, Ana and Gibbs took a rowboat and went ashore to find their captain. However, all they found was what looked like a treasure chest.

“Ye don’t reckon they’re inside it, do ye?” Gibbs asked, looking at the chest doubtfully.

“Where else could they be?”

Just then, they began to hear strange noises from the chest. Soon, they could distinguish voices.

“Ah! Jack!”


“Ah! Jack! More! Harder!”

Their eyes widened and they backed away out of hearing range.

“Think we should let them out?” Ana Maria asked, gazing at the chest in trepidation.

“No, it’s bad luck to interrupt a man while he’s…” Gibbs trailed off. “You know.”

“I completely agree. Best wait a little while,” Ana stated.

“Aye,” Gibbs concurred.

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